Monday, April 6, 2009

Three Good Ole Boys, A Slice of
Bacon, Some Ammo and a Qur'an

I smell breakfast~! [And Fun~]
(With A Rod Serling, "Twilighty Zone" intro):
Picture this: Three or four red-blooded American boys with nothing better to do on a winter day.
They hate their Liberal parents. They hate their teachers. They hate being forced to swallow all that tele

"One Winter day, they get their cans full, and decide to rebel against the prince of darkness, and all that the prince despises, like bacon, and like rebelliousness,
like longsleeve-32-cal, fired into the heart
of that prince's book.

"This is not, anywhere within... ... The Twilight Zone;
instead tonight,
This Is...
The Unholy Grove"
Rock. On. Americans!
Heyyah, Wish I Was There~!
Ryan, fire those pork bullets.... Die~!


Most Rev. Gregori said...

Such a waste of good bacon, but well worth it.

Mike said...

Did you see the comments at YouTube? I guess it p.o.'d some Muslims.