Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Barrage

Like a great and sudden flash flood.
Who can withstand it's force and it's resulting devastation? A person stops the flooding in one area, only to find it becoming even worse in others.

Or is it more like an annual invasion of sugar ants everywhere, kitchen, bathroom, living room to bedroom? You can't get rid of them all. Pests reproducing by the thousands, right under our noses.

Or like a staph infection. It begins in one area of the body, gains a foothold there, then spreads to nerves, then to vital organs, leading to death if not quickly and boldly attacked- but the possibility of spreading the infection to others is dangerously high.

Even like the Liberal/Socialist/FeelGood agenda for America: A barrage of insults against all established, American ideals and standards.

Like the spread of gay marriage, now fully legal in FIVE states and ONE district.

Like Sancuary cities for illegal aliens, presently numbering 131 nationwide.
Like promoting and funding the muderous abortions of millions, worldwide.
Like Cap and Trade legislation... read higher Taxes for all.
Like National Health Care, the oxymoron of all time.
Like Social Security stability.
Like Medicare stability.
Like the renewed interest in Black slave reparations.

Like the failed war on drugs, on poverty, and on cancer, and on and on.
Like increased dependence upon foreign oil, since Americans cannot explore our own backyard for our own oil.
Like "Global Warming". Or "Global Cooling", depending on your hemisphere/locale/season.

Like screwing Israel into peace talks with entities who insist upon Israel's destruction, et. al.
Like screwing other democracies like Japan, Germany, Austalia, and now Canada.

Like embracing tyrants like Chavez, like Ahmadinejad, like Castro, like Assad.
Like invoking the name of Holy God, but only when it's convenient to the purpose. Yet rejecting His rules otherwise.

Like the exclusive uses of the Race card, again when it benefits their purposes... and unaccepting of racial issues when it does not.

Like supporting Unions, which charge dues to members while requiring the same to vote and to support their agenda of lower wages.

Like considering the United States Constitution to be a living and changable charter, to be ignored whenever needed.
Like nominating Canadian born Jennifer Granholm to become a justice on the Supreme Court of the United States.

Like, I could enumerate another two dozen instances of the unwanted, Liberal barrage.
I COULD GO into all the regulations, prohibitions against freedoms from light bulbs to auto exhaust standards.

We are facing slavery. Unspoken, but undeniably, slavery. Get ready to jump through more governmental oversight hoops, from owning a gun, or from wanting to own a gun, to getting a better job, to being free to decide what is best for your own offspring. Like required, pre-kindergarten education for Junior. "Cradle to Grave", friend~!

How? can?? Conservatives or the deceased Republican party, or even the minority Blue-dog Democratic party ever regain a standing in America, against this Liberal flash flood??

The barrage!! of the hundreds of offenses is too overwhelming.
We are the frog slowly being boiled in the pot, 1/10th of a degree at a time, until we are boiling and dead.

We Conservatives, those (we) hated Conservatrives cannot plug all those holes in the dike.
We cannot fight all those ants at once; nor can
We stop this infection within ourselves, this Liberal idea of getting something for nothing
as we are easily distracted by whatever the Liberals force down our throats, with that which they bedazzle us.


Most Rev. Gregori said...

All of this because those that came before us, our parents and grandparents ignored the infection when it first started. There may be still be time to fight this infection which has now turned into a plague, but the treatment MUST be radical,painful and swift.

Jeffro said...

This article is kinda related - thought you might like to read it. Found it at David Codrea's blog.

Mike said...

We could stop this quickly by simply enforcing the existing laws.

I'd take it a step further; fine a business for the first instance of the crime of hiring illegals and confiscation of the business for the second or particularly egregious violation.

I used to have some sympathy but lost the last of it when I saw "Viva la Raza" spray painted on a neighborhood church.

Wry Mouth said...

Yet we persevere. I sit and ponder my state's (CA) upcoming "consideration" of our Proposition 8 -- a mere historical definition of marriage, inserted OUT OF NEED into the state consitution -- in a brief essay.

But I persevere. I learned, somewhere, that what one knows to be right is what one defends.

What a dinosaur I am. ;o/