Friday, May 22, 2009

"Best Friends Forever"

Hi my name is Dillon, Ron is my best friend. (Ron is taking dictation**)

Well, I like to play basketball and baseball, football, soccer, and I like to play my Playstation with my brother. My brother's name is Jordan. He's the coolest brother I ever had. I'm fixing to go into the sixth grade. I'm 12.

See ya later!

(Spot) Hope I see ya again~
UPDate, Explanation: (Saturday afternoon, 4:45)
Dillion came over yesterday afternoon unexpectedly, announcing to us that he was spending the night with us. That was all fine and good, except that what he wanted for supper was not what we were having.... So, the two of us ran into town and grabbed him up a pizza and Pepsi, and a waterpistol, and some gum. On our way back home, he explained to me why he was spending the night: Relatives of his mom's came into town, and there wasn't enough room for everyone to sleep.
He's seen the LMC bloggie before, and spied the use of his name (Spot) in that Jungle Mom post parody I wrote last week.
Then he wanted to know exactly who Jungle Mom is. So, off to Paraguay we went....
Most of the night, we played a computer game he introduced/hooked me on, called "Raft Wars", at
Dillon had a little league game this afternoon in Pocola, Oklahoma; my BFF both pitched and played centerfield, in a loss to the other boys. He went 1-3 at the plate.
Dillon chose all the above, the Italics, the size and red color font, the picture (?).


Mike said...

Well, hello Spot! You've got a good friend in Ron.

You're lucky to have a brother; I have two sisters. Both of them have a brother and a sister and I always thought that wasn't fair!

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Yo,"SPOT", nice to hear from you.I hope you enjoy the sixth grade as much as I did (back when the dinosaurs walked the earth....Haha).

Listen little buddy, you stick with Ron, and you won't go wrong. Ron is good people and he won't lead you wrong. If he does, I'll do a war dance on his butt.

Boy are you lucky, I never had a Playstation. I did have an empty cigar box with four empty thread spools attached for wheels, that I pulled around with a broken shoelace.

Well son, you take care, stay safe and don't give Ron too much trouble. And tell my Choctaw Son that I said hello and that he has to buy you some ice cream from me.

God bless.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Ron and Leticia; Dillon sounds like one heck of a kid. Take care of him, help keep him on the right path and you will both be blessed in years to come.

Just reading between the lines, that boy sounds like he needs you.

The Local Malcontent said...

Thank you dear sir, for those words of sound advice.
Leti and I do think the world of Dillon; that 'something special' in his eyes and all.

The Local Malcontent said...

OH, and By the way-

I got Dillon's embedded, teasing joke herein; the (Injun) photo.

Please don't hold it against him...

Mike said...

What were you having for supper that Spot did not like?

The Local Malcontent said...

Western omlettes.
I know- one day he'll discover how good they are.

Jungle Mom said...

Dillon sounds like a great guy! I did receive his comment but have been a bit under the weather of late and have not even visited my daily reads here in blogland.
I hope to be able to communicate with him soon.
In the jungle we did not have Playstation either but we did make up our own game. We would use indian blow guns to shoot darts at the lizards that liked to live in our palm roof.
We would shine a flashlight up and then someone would shoot the dart at the lizard. It was great fun for us and necessary to keep the lizards from eating our roof!