Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Celebrity Deaths Always Come 'In Threes'

It's an old wives' tale, yet it sure seems to run true:
Deaths come in threes.
In this case, B or C List TV comedians.

Although by dying, they've raised their stature by several valuable, nostalgic points.

First down, actress Bea Arthur- best known for her role in "The Golden Girls" and before that something called "Maude".
While her personal far-leftwing politics disturbed me, her "Dorothy" character in 'Golden Girls' made up for it.

I'll always remember the night I first watched the "condom" episode (*below). I was home from college at Norman, my recently-widowed mother was in another room, as I watched TV in our den.

Suddenly, I was literally screaming, howling loud with laughter, rolling on the carpet,
when my mom ran in to see what was the matter.
I retold to her the "Condom" skit.
Mom was not amused. But I remember that I was very, alot amused:

Today, in an oddly, similar vein, I report the passing of comedian Dom DeLuise, whom I mostly remember from his role of the Director of "The French Mistake", at the bizarre ending to a favorite movie, "Blazing Saddles".

The homosexual inuendo in this is thick, blatent and deliberate.
Which led ignorant me, to conclude that Mr. Deluise was a flaming,
Liberal, Hollywood homosexual.
Not so.

The first time I saw actor DeLuise take that full roundhouse, stomach punch from cowboy actor Slim Pickens,
well, the water flowed outta me, let's just say from many points...
as does my laughter, still to this day:

"Sounds like steam escaping...."
((ROFVL. Dang, I may have to cue 'Blazing Saddles' up again tonight.))

No, instead, Mr. DeLuise was simply a very good actor. As was Bea Arthur, too.
Acting is hardest, when the player must become something/someone, whom he/she is not--
Ms. Arthur and Mr. DeLuise were accomplished in this, and
are mourned by me, because a material part of Americana has passed away today, and may never be witnessed,

nor tolerated in a Politically Correct nation, again.

I pray that you both Rest In Peace, Ms. Arthur and Mr. DeLuise,
and thank you for the many laughs you provided~!

But back to the '... always in threes' business, in closing:
Is Phyllis Diller doing alright?


Mike said...

A few years back, I returned to school and while doing so, worked part-time in a liquor store. The store was literally a "mom 'n pop" business and the old man was sick most of the time, so I usually worked with his wife.

Depending upon the time of day or day of the week, we were either extremely busy or we were not doing much at all. During the slow times, we watched TV ...almost always something she wanted to see. (and I got hooked on Guiding Light, hate to admit)

We NEVER missed an episode of Golden Girls, and I think I've seen every one of them at least twice. (she was also a big fan of The Cosby Show -- ugh)

Great post about Bea Arthur over at Big Hollywood, btw.

Loved Slim Pickens, what a name! I can't see him without thinking of him riding the bomb at the end of Dr. Strangelove.

I need to catch Blazing Saddles and watch it all the way through. It's been on the tube quite a bit lately.

My home town always has said "death comes in threes". Sometimes they have to stretch the parameters a bit, but they really believe it.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Shame on me, but I remember that episode about the condoms. dang near wet my pants laughing at the time.