Thursday, May 21, 2009

Counting Down the Minutes, Until...

UPDATE: Mr. Watts has announced that he will NOT be
seeking the governorship of Oklahoma afterall, in 2010.

In Oklahoma,
the No. 1, Reddest state in the Union (puns intended),
We await a great announcement,
to come by Memorial Day!!

"and OKLAHOMA Takes The Lead!!"


Mike said...

Lots of OU fans around here; guess that's because it's closer to OKC than it is Austin.

On a related "red" note, I was looking up some information on my home town/county where I grew up and found that it was one of the "reddest" counties in the US.

2008 Presidential General Election Results - Roberts County, TXGray Co., where I live now, lags "far behind" with "only" 85% Republican. -grin-

I've spoken politics with a lot of people since the election, and have yet to find a single one of the 1153 idiots who voted for Zero.

I imagine they're ashamed to admit to it.

The Local Malcontent said...

Same here- lots of OU fans...
Imagine that!

However, this post has to do with the hoped-for announcement any day, that J.C. Watts will run for Oklahoma Governor, setting the stage, I believe, for a national run soon!

Mike said...

Oh yeah, forgot about that. He was on Hannity/Rush/Beck or someone's show this last week and said he was running for gov.