Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Garden of Eatin', Second Verse

Let's try this again-
Earlier this afternoon, my wife and I visited Fitzgeralds' Feed and Seed outside Talihina, and RE-bought all our gardening.

Six plats of tomato plants (bigboys), another six of peppers (banana and bell), yellow onion bulbs, green beans, yellow squash seedlings, and okra seed. I was tempted to also get corn, but I've never raised corn before.
Twelve bags of 50# Sungro soil mixture and another four of Miracle-Gro 10-25-10 fertilizer.
And beginning tomorrow through this next week, we plant our garden all over.

That right there should tell you how devastated our garden became after over 18" of pounding rains in the past three weeks. Our vegetable garden is approximately 60x20 feet, not counting where I have always planted strawberries, cantaloupe and watermelons behind my garage.
It all was battered and washed away.

The forecast for Yanush calls for mild, sunny and dry conditions for at least the next five days; that would be a nice change of pace.
Now watch it snow....


Kini said...

Snow is hardly likely, haven't you heard of Global Warming? :)

Planting and growing vegetables, herbs, flowers is always a labor of love and respect for the 'aina (land). In Hawai'i we say; "Malama Pono i ka 'aina", which means "Caring for the land". Which for me means, "The Garden of Weeding", cause everything grows here. And I mean everything. Weeds, vines, bugs, all sorts of creepy crawlies. My chickens are of some help, they fertilize (ahem), they eat most of the insects, but they dig up any seeds that I plant. So a greenhouse is a must for seedlings.

Being one with the land is powerful, virtuous and self sustaining. There is nothing like enjoying the fruits, vegetables, and anything else that can be grown from 'Aina.

Aloha my friend, may your garden grow.

Mike said...

We've got some old home movies where my dad took a minute and filmed our garden, so green and lush. The next day he filmed how the garden had been ruined by a hailstorm.

When the weather causes damage like that I always think of the pioneers and how they had to cope. I can only imagine the dismay and horror when their garden/crops were wiped out in a severe storm. I'm sure for some it was a death sentence and they didn't survive the winter.

I remember it snowing on my birthday (may 29) when I was a small boy. Zipping through the channels just now, I heard that there was a freeze warning for parts of the east coast.

The Local Malcontent said...

Heyyah and Aloha, Kini!

I'm pleased to hear you raise chickens too, man!

The Local Malcontent said...

May 29th, eh Mike???
Cool. I like to know friends' birthdays. U Geminis...
I have heard the old stories about late spring snowstorms, of course- and have a photo of me and my uncle Joe in a June 17 snowstorm...
but that was taken high up in the Rockies-
Funny story associated with that day, that memory; I'll email ya...

Mike said...

I ran into an old school friend at a local (liquor) store Saturday. We talked about the storm we had on Friday and she then went into a "The weather's getting so WEIRD these days" rant.

I couldn't help but rebut, telling her it had been fifteen years since this area had suffered any tornado damage. She said "Well, the winter was really mild!" and I told her they're usually mild around here and that since I've been alive, we have a bad one about every seven years or so, pretty much like clockwork.

She's wanting so MUCH to believe in man-caused climate change.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Yesterday morning I had to scrape frost off of my car, IN MAY!

The only things I grow now days are tulips, daffodils, my clematis vine and some lemon grass.

Jungle Mom said...

That was a lot of work for your garden. I am sad to say I am less than a stellar gardener.

Jungle Mom said...

Oh, and...
Wanaadi ashichaato nada conuco!
( May God bless your garden!)

The Local Malcontent said...

we won't even try putting the plants/seeds into the ground until Wednesday, the earliest.

A, too cool at night still, and
B, way too wet ground still, despite mixing in the Sungro.
It's still mud.