Sunday, May 17, 2009

Not Surprised

President Obama's I.Q. Is 118 [Ad]
What Is Yours?

Of all the unwanted, popup sales adverts to show up
on my Yahoo! Email account, I like this one the best.
(I know I promised to never, ever position the two words "President" and "Obama" together on my bloggie-- but they're not my words-)

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Anonymous said...

"[Teh O!ne]'s I.Q. Is 118 [Ad]
What Is Yours?"
Lowest score of three when I last had it tested was 139; highest was 159. Maybe I should run for Savior of Earth or whatever the hell he thinks his job title is.

I don't think I'd want to match my IQ scores against his teleprompter, though.

Mike said...

I took this last month and guess my Yahoo acct. was where I found it, too. I was going to post it in my own blog, then forgot about it.

Seems like it was some sort of ringtone deal, wasn't it? Since I don't have a cellphone....

I took a screenshot of my results but didn't put too much stock in it. I've taken these things before and was thinking this test was trying to flatter me because the number was a dozen points higher than most any others I've taken.

I generally do well on tests, though, but there are categories that bring my score down. Face it, we're all different. What impresses me more than anyone's intelligence quotient is their level of emotional maturity and depth of common sense.

That's where Barry fails.

The Local Malcontent said...

I have no doubts about your high IQ, Kevin; nor any doubts that if you did run, you'd win.

Yeah, TOTUS never makes any mistakes- maybe it has a built-in calculator; though not a ChessMaster program. If you get my drift.

Christopher Willis said...

Mine is 130-145 most of the time. But not when I am awake. C-)

Most Rev. Gregori said...

My I.Q. is way too high to even bother taking those useless on line tests.

When it comes to life, I am smart enough to know better, but dumb enough to do it anyway.

The Local Malcontent said...

Again, "Not Surprised", Abouna.

'2HiIQ' should be your next bloggie, my Father~!