Friday, May 8, 2009

I'm Going To Prison: I'll See You There~!

"... Found guilty of this insidious crime of lack of passion,
I hereby sentence you,
'The Local Malcontent',
to five years hard labor in maximum security.
Sentence to begin immediately."

And with that, I was/will be whisked off to the boneyard.
Forsaking my bride, deleting our future.
Hopes and aspirations gone. down the drain.

For what!??!
For having an opinion.
For Feeling The Way I Do.
For being angry, though without physical retaliation, nor force,
but merely with my beliefs, my thoughts,
and by my words.

I am/will be guilty of the "Hate Crimes" legislation,
recently introduced in Congress.

I dared to have a personal opinion, against gay marriage
and against marrying your dog or your cat,
or your steed or your niece or nephew,
and/or all of the above at once,
which someone else found to be offensive.

Now, I'm going to prison for thinking that.
Awaiting the civil lawsuits being prepared,
numbered in the thousands,
to be served to little me/you/us all.


Jungle Mom said...

Good grief! At least you will be in good company as most of my friends and I will be there with you!

Samsonlyte said...

You are obviously so ignorant since you ccant read.
The hate crimes law that you site is an additional punishment, included with a phycisal crime against a GLBT, and not just for the thoughtsfor same.
Fuking homophobe! You are vile and sick, unable to deal with present day life.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

I will save you and Jungle Mom a place near me on the chain gang.

Samsonlyte: You sir are the one who is vile and sick and your vulgarity is amble proof. And if holding Sodomites up as some sort of ideal is your idea of a wonderful present day life, then I for one would rather be dead then have to live in such a morally bankrupt and depraved society.

Kini said...

Samsonlyte, you need to read and spell correctly. LMC has done nothing more than express an opinion. Your lack of tolerance demonstrates your obtuse understanding of the Hate Crimes bill. Under the Bill, You could be prosecuted just for your comments and the language you used.

Is that really what you want?

In this proposed bill, Who will be the judge and what will be the standard of deciding what is a Hate Crime?

We already have laws to protect Americans from hate. In the case of Matthew Shepard, the persons that committed that heinous crime are in prison for life. We do not need laws that subject opinion as Hate. We can agree to disagree.

You may not like LMC's opinion, but I support LMC's right to speak. Just as I respect your right to speak. What I do not respect is your hateful language.

You do not help yourself by throwing insults. You only hurt your position and diminish yourself as nothing more than someone that HATES other peoples opinions that you disagree with.

Respect is earned, not given. If you cannot give a reasonable arguments without throwing vulgar language into your statements, then you have lost your message.


Mike said...

I read Samsonlyte's comments last night and decided to sleep on it before I commented...but Kini said it best.

Just about the only problem I have with gay people is when that is how they define themselves. Surely you're much more than that; if not, then I pity you.

I also have a problem with heterophobes. As Kini said, you do your cause no justice, especially with a gay-lifestyle tolerant person such as myself. You say you want only the opportunity to love, yet you show such hate. That's sad.

Perhaps a good example of a winning strategy for civil rights would be Martin Luther King and not that of Malcolm X. Quiet courage always wins out over militant, obnoxious protest.

The Local Malcontent said...

Like Mike above, I decided to wait to cool off some, before replying to you, Samsonlyte.
Deciding to add your vulgar comment here, simply supports my argument, shared by the rest here, that a national Hate Crime law should be a two-edged sword, and evenly-applied concept.

We both know that it would not be.

Me, myself, I don't give a care!
what you do in your bedroom.
Or what anyone does, in the privacy of their own homes.
BUT, I'll be damned if I ever support a gay-marriage law, or feel that by having an opinion against the gay lifestyle
should be a crime.

Statistics constantly tell us, that roughly 10% of Americans are homosexuals.
In my opinion, that's not enough to rate any, ANY special treatment offered by any law.

I'm the first in line to agree, that no one should be discriminated against, because of their sexual preferences--
with that said, by the same token, I do NOT feel that you should broadcast your choice either,
opening yourselves up to ridicule or for embarrassment.
Sex, and even orientation
are a private matter, not something to base your existence or your ambitions on.
Because no one wants to hear it.

The Local Malcontent said...

Samsonlyte, I notice that you live in Massachusetts. Aren't you the lucky one, or have you recently moved there to wed?
Thank you SiteMeter~!

Mike said...

Wonder what happened to Sam? Lemme tell ya, if I was so convinced I was right, I wouldn't do a hit 'n run post.

I can't stand Massachusetts. How on earth can they keep electing that murderer Teddy Kennedy again and again?

I'm not for sure that people will go to hell for being gay, but I'm fairly convinced they will because they voted for TK.