Monday, May 18, 2009

My Conclusion: Socialism
DID KILL The Dinosaurs

Back on April 26, 2009,
I wrote a(n essentially throwaway) blogpost entitled:"Socialism Killed the Dinosaurs".

That irrelevant post, and those guys' discussion of current American events, has stuck in my head all this time (alas, another Ponderism~!) ; and me, with so much time just to think while driving around Eastern Oklahoma and lately rebuilding our garden, mostly trying to reason out their overheard conclusion.
But I think that there's a nebulous, underlying nugget of truth lying hidden somewhere in that statement.
I'm not sure that I can give exact voice to it-- or uncover the nugget that I sense is there, but I will try:

It's widely accepted that an asteroid, around 3 miles long by 1 mile wide, hit the Yucatan Peninsula area some 65 Million years ago, causing a cloud of steam and dirt to fill the Earth's skies worldwide, blotting out the sun and killing off most vegetation, the base food-chain source for everydino else.

NOW of course, you Democrat lemmings, the dinosaurs didn't have any kind of structured governing body, either Capitalism, or socialism, Communism, or a Theocracy. So don't try that limp argument with me...
Instead continue reading for more.

The dominant, amphibian species of that era and day could've used technology to detect the approach of such a big ole asteroid- and either warn their dinofamilies and the dinoNation overall, and all the other 'lesser' species, like mammals, or to some how ward off the incoming extinction-causing asteroid.

What dominant type of governance, of thought, gave birth to technology?
What kind of thought, or system of governance gave birth to space exploration, and of genuine compassion for every specie on Earth having the best chance of success?
Capitalism. American-Invented, American created Capitalism.
Socialism would have not provided the incentive for curiosity or for other than cursory interest in space-
Communism would have not provided the compassion for other specie's survival other than ones' own-
Theocracy would have condemned any heretical research as blasphemy.

Today it hit me, as I drove home from my half-day of (capitalistic) casino inspection in Broken Bow, Oklahoma.
I was thinking about this annoying ponderism again, when I glanced a herd of horses inside a huge fenced meadow.
I thought "how those horses are cared for- how they are contained for their safety by the fences- how they have plenty, thanks to the type of governance, of thought as expressed by the dominant, hominid specie.
And that they would be protected as well, by technology devised by that same group of bipedal-hominid mammals, under that same Capitalistic order of Hominid society, which encourages such individual curiosity and questioning thought, (yes) with hopes of making a million + Dollars, as we all do somehow under Capitalism.

Would Socialism bring such technology?
Has Communism? Has rabid Theocracy?
Therefore, YES, Socialism Did Kill The Dinosaurs.
Or, the absence of Capitalism did.

And where, pray tell, is America heading just now?
Answer: Backward toward, and away from such thoughtful, compassionate concern.
Without Capitalism, this world would be nothing more than animal-eat-animal.
We're not laughing so much at that man's comment these days.

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