Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Only Time Will Tell How Dangerous
This Predator Is To Our Ecosystem

An alien presence has entered our country illegally, and is reproducing by the thousands, potentially by the hundreds of thousands very soon.

If the infiltration of these foreigners is not checked very quickly, and very effectively, they will begin to dominate the culture to which we've grown accustomed for hundreds of years, here.
In theory, every United State has laws banning their presence; in practice, they are spreading like wildfire.

Not unexpectedly, these alien predators are mostly in Democrat-controlled, Liberal states along the East and West Coasts and Hawai'i.

These unwelcome illegals eat voraciously, and are able to reproduce frequently, beginning at a young age, often overburdening their new culture with little ones in schools, and are more than capable eventually of being the dominant specie therein, before moving on to surrounding communities, burdening those as well, for they are uniquely equipped for nearly instant adaptation.
They are like piranhas.

Of course, I'm speaking here of the illegal Northern Snakehead fish, which have rudimentary lungs to breathe air, which they use as they "walk" across land to other bodies of fresh water.

Whom did you think I was talkin' about, amigo~?!

Related video of a Snakehead devouring a live Black bass,

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Fidothedog said...

That raised a laugh, an yes I was thinking you were on about Muzzies!

Most Rev. Gregori said...

My first thought was that you were talking about the dreaded liberal pinko commies. I was all set to grab some holy water, a cross and a steak (the steak was for me).

The Local Malcontent said...

Heyyah, Fido~!
Pleased to hear from you, friend!
Come back often and frequently, OK?

Americans, Fidothedog is the author of a staunchly, (I almost typed 'staunchy') Conservative, British blogsite, mostly concerned with the MPs' wastage of funds, all whilst denying it,
or sadly, whilst defending it,
to embarrassing conclusions.

I endorse his blog~!, and visit it nearly every day.

Because of Fidothedog, I now practice using (under my breath) the term "HOON" often!!

(Imagine a British "Abouna"),
but on steroids,
and you have
Whom I'm proud to call 'Friend'.

The Local Malcontent said...

Abouna, you squeezed in your comment between Fido's and mine.

A steak? good choice.
Add some garlic
and onions to it,
and we're there!

Fidothedog said...

Local, gonna cross post this an play up the Muzzie angle a tad.

Will do that tomorrow as the better half wants the computer an I being driven off to do other stuff!

The Local Malcontent said...

Thanks, Fido-
I consider that a compliment, and
I'll do the same for your great, bombastic blogpost, here.

Friends, please consider, then visit Fido's blog, at


reading his posts on British MP's atrocious expenditures, whatever, and posting your comments there.

Anonymous said...

Thank God we don't have these critters in Hawai'i. Now if anyone can do something about all the Liberals.

I am deeply concerned about all the Dihydrogen Monoxide in the world.

It's everywhere.