Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Personal Update

**(Welcome dear readers of the Jungle Hut Blog!
We're all of one mind~!)

An affectionate parody of Jungle Mom's Own Update.

Upon our return from El Fort de Smith, en el estado Arkansas, I found myself not doing too well. These last few days have been difficult and monotonous, because of the mind-numbing hypnosis of constantly seeing the world through dancing windshield wipers, which were inflamed with all our travel. I have had to be on some mild, refreshing, Rocky Mountain-cold medicine and for that reason have not written anything here but merely posted mostly nonsense.

I made the mistake of posting while on Vicodyn Jim Beam once, -twice, -- ~
OK, a few times. and I wont ever do that again!!! Actually, it was only a comment I left on another blog.

OK, a few blogs....
Alright~! All over the Internet. (I still live with that shame)
Next thing I know... well, never mind ,that is a story best left untold.

Sunday was a typical day as Mother's Day is Friday,
and Tuesday is always Monday here.
Fortunately, every other Thursday is really Wednesday, and every seven weeks, Friday is Tuesday/Monday, whichever, depending.
That helps~!
One of us is always able to reset the calendars and clocks.

Sunday night my wife was able to baptize 8 new filleted catfish in pure, wholly Wesson oil. There was no mishap involving the Wesson oil, though. It seems she forethought to begin filling it in time for it to be full for 8, but one of those times when being Baptist and practicing baptism by immersion can be a problem!

What happened?
We ran out of paper towels to drain all the fish and hushpuppies and French fries on!!
The men called the local newspaper publisher, and they came out with their truck and filled the kitchen with unsold editions of the New York Times.

Fresh fishwrap!
Not something you see everyday!

We had to start back to work after our half-weekend off for the trip. It is always hard to get back on track after a break. I have finally completed forging more loan applications.
Is that spelled "V-e-r-n-o-i-s"?
As in "Illinois"?

Leticia also had to do a lot of work, as it seems. JMom's credit records were left behind in the file cabinet in the jungle. Leti was unable to get everything out and assumed we would be able to return one day.

Monday was spent with the family. My wife's husband made a steak for her. A HUGE steak. It was delicious (That much IS true, and shared in common).
If you consider our little/great friend "Spot" family.

Spot (Dillon) had come over for movie night. We had Hershey bars with almonds and Jackie made a cheese cake. However Jackie was a continent away, so we were jealous.
We watched "Matinee".
(And "Mant", the movie within the movie.)
We'd been waiting to see this good-time, amusing film since our honeymoon visit to Key West, and we were not disappointed.
The story had several unexpected plot twists, like the employment of the villian, StarkWeather,
(?)StarBubble(?), such ironic irony~!
I enjoyed it very much and it was well done (as were the steaks) I like John Goodman alot, have for a long time. We liked Key West alot. And Spot liked the Hershey bars alot.
A little family secret here, but a family member of mine was a co-star of "The Monkees" TV-rock band, along time ago, until he was cancelled by NBC. Evil and insipid NBC.

We both want, and we pray for our Jungle Mom to get well soon,
and we hope that our parody of her post
makes her smile along that path of healing~!


Mr Lee said...

Very pleased to come here.Your blog gives us a good feeling.Nice to meet you.Look forward to communicating with you.We want to invite you to our blog at any time you want.
Have a wonderful day!

Mr Lee said...

Very pleased to come here.Your blog gives us a good feeling.Nice to meet you.Look forward to communicating with you.We want to invite you to our blog at any time you want.
Have a wonderful day!

The Local Malcontent said...

Thank you, Mr Lee=

Jungle Mom said...

I must back off on the pain meds because that made sense to me.
LOL! It is hilarious and I am laughing still. Have to show the whole family.
You two are great!!!!

Mike said...

Online translators don't do a very good job, I'm afraid. I wrote a post about that, one of my most Googled threads and up near the top in the search results.

I get:

In under mine arm dirtiness, black hair regarding you.

The problem lies with having to translate the translated text. Best as I can tell, you told him that spammers are the armpit of the 'net, but like I said....

Whatever. It's funny, no matter how it's translated.

On a related not, I love Jungle Mom's blog and visit it about once a week or so. My uncle was a missionary and a girl I grew up with is one in Africa.

I also stumble across some of her posts when I follow links to links to links.

Hope you're staying high and dry, Ron. Noticed there was some weather around your way yesterday and late last night.

Jungle Mom said...

MIKE! Leave a comment next time you visit!!!!

The Local Malcontent said...

Inviting him to, may do the trick, JMom-
Mike tells me that he had visited the LMC for over a year before finally commenting.
~He's shy....!

The Local Malcontent said...

"In under mine arm dirtiness, black hair regarding you?"

Then there are terrorists afoot in your translator, or in the one I used...
What I tried to say to Mr. Lee was "Lemme have two orders of sweet and sour pork, some rice and do you have any dijon mustard?"
No, just a thank you for visiting the LMC (that's probably what messed it up somewhere) and come back often.

Yeah, another inch of rain in last night's storms, Mike- tornadoes to the north, around Bartlesville and Ponca City-
today a clear, warm day for a change before more showers/storms tomorrow.