Sunday, May 31, 2009

Six of One, Half Dozen of the Other

This afternoon, I'm really conflicted by many matters on my mind.
I have half-baked ideas for about 300 blogposts (alright, 6) currently vying for attention inside my coconut.
There are words that describe what I'm feeling: "mish-mash", "jib-jab", "wishy-washy"--
or similar variations of variations of words.
So, let's just do this. Here's all six topics bothering me:

America needs revival. America needs wide-spread and well attended revivals conducted by the thousands of little, local churches across this land, this summer and next.
Christian churches of all demoninations are the foundation our nation needs to battle the insidious teacher unions which are indoctrinating children into Socialistic ways in the schools. The number of revivals has dropped so, even within my lifetime, while the spread of stupidity has grown.
Christians within their own churches must urge their pastors, their committees to the need for revival, not only to save souls for Christ, but also to save minds for America's future.
Talk with your pastor or minister or priest SOON, let's address this serious challenge.

According to the National weather service, there is a late, freeze warning for central and southern New York and northern Pennsylvania for the next two nights. That is June!! While that's not unusual, it directly flies in the faces and the forcasts of global warming fearmongers.
Then there is this: NASA's New Solar Cycle Prediction. When the scientists' predictions all are wrong, why, simply make new predictions!!

It seems that the Sun is withholding it's warm love from us, at a rate seen only once in the past one hundred years, but actually, quite often within the past 400 years. No overheated sunspots during this Solar Cycle 24, as prognosticated, so just push the prediction down the calendar a little.
For these guys are never wrong--, they can manipulate the numbers to prove that they're always right, as seen by their comments in that NASA link....
But here's the chart:

Above: Yearly-averaged sunspot numbers from 1610 to 2008. Researchers believe upcoming Solar Cycle 24 will be similar to the cycle that peaked in 1928, marked by a red arrow. Credit: NASA/MSFC

Note that the highest spikes of sunspot activity, perfectly correspond with the recent, highest temperatures recorded in the northern hemisphere.... 1933-36, 1954-56, 1982-83, and 1997-99.
Uh, I think the red arrow could easily and similarily point to the mark just before the Maunder minimum, couldn't it??
Of course, Liberals would go broke and be without another means of control of all our lives,
if that was the case.
Only time will tell when and what the next Solar Cycle will be.

America's most renowned and respected mass murderer was himself murdered today in Wichita, Kansas. Late term, indeed~!
I'm sorry that he was gunned down, but at least it was merciful and instant. George Tiller got to experience having his skull crushed, just like his unborn baby- victims all did.
It's not that far a drive now to Topeka, to Fred Phelps' church.... while you're on a roll.
This should be warning enough to many 'who work' in Wash., D.C.:
We are a God-fearing, Christian nation. Represent us as such!!

Touring China to find cheaper sources for Botox, and bolts of material for her wrinkle transplant addiction.
While there, the Communist speaker of the House did not speak once about Chinese human rights abuse.
Notice, she was there to commerate the 20th anniversary of something which never happened?
One of China's most famous dissidents says force is still how the Communist Party gets its way. Nancy's taking copious notes....

Cease that great idea about your inmates producing, making Corrections Officers' uniforms, inside the walls.
Here's a hint why: The inmates could put the uniforms on and walk out unnoticed~!
As two convivts escaped by doing that yesterday.



ABNPOPPA said...

You certainly were all over the board on that post. My favorite of course was the "good doctor" getting what he deserved. Anybody starting a defense fund the the shooter?

I also like the P-loooseee Botox and copious not one. Some day her face will just crack like an ice cube in a glass of water. AAAGGGGGGHHHHHHH!

Have a great week


The Local Malcontent said...

Funny, Pops, but I wondered the same thing- about the defense fund.

Bundle up friend, it won't be globally warming in Colombus tonight. LOL

Jungle Mom said...

Makes one wonder what it will all come to! Having tax dollars funding abortions at home and even abroad causes some of us to feel the need to rectify a few things!