Monday, May 11, 2009

'Sucks To Be You, Smitty

University of Oklahoma Junior English Major,
Zac Smith
who wrote this published editorial in the Oklahoma Daily, the University newspaper.
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Most Rev. Gregori said...

I hate to say it, my friend, but posting on Smitty was a waste of space.

The schmuck is a real moron and lacks any real education on his subject.

Jeffro said...

He's world weary and jaded now - wait 'til he gets older. A future Ward Churchill?

Mike said...

Aw, cut him some slack. He's got a right to be angry at the world; he's 20 years old, knows it all and can't understand why, with all those nubile college girls around, he can't get,get a date.

His testosterone is all dressed up and has no place to go.

I've seen countless writings condemning Christianity, but I've never seen a single one that includes Islam when they're spewing their hatred.

I always picture people like him writing this stuff, publishing it on the 'net, then sitting back and giggling at the uproar they've created. Nothing more than a troll...which is someone who writes something solely to elicit an emotional response.

The Local Malcontent said...

Smitty IS a waste of space.
And likely either a Ward Churchill or a serial killer.

The Local Malcontent said...

Nailed, Mike.


Mike said...

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Thick as a brick.

I was doing a bit more on a series for my blog about movies filmed in the Texas Panhandle and ran across this post by the character played by Steve Martin. It reminded me of this guy..rather, it made me wish he knew it:

Don't underestimate the power of belief: with it I've seen a cripple get up and dance and a mute sing Hallelujah. With it, you've got the power of every ocean and star in your hand, without it you've got nothing. Everyone you ever meet is just another sinner and everywhere you ever go is just another hell.I'll have to admit I was sort of like that young man when I was his age, too "smart" for my own good and too good to admit there was something more important in the universe than myself.

I didn't come to my faith all in one day; it was a slow, steady process, but I DO remember when I realized that faith gave me comfort and while I'm still scared of dying, thanks to my faith, I'm not afraid of death.

Something will happen to that young man someday, something horrible or he will experience a miracle first hand and he'll either gain his faith or start wishing he had it.

Perhaps he'll do as I did, look evil straight in the face and finally understand that there HAS to be Good in this world. With all the evil that's in the world, even just counting the evil I've seen up close, I would despair if I didn't have faith.

ABNPOPPA said...


I believe you are in error here. Who did our Savior break bread with, the rich and believing or the poor, the harlots, and the tax collector. This young man needs our Prayers not our condemnation.


The Local Malcontent said...

Hear, hear Pops.
That he is already a lost soul, he readily admits.
But his views on the Spirit of God and of His Son are where the need for prayers lay.
sound reasoning, good friend!