Saturday, May 9, 2009

Weather Permitting Of Course

There's a BassMaster's Bass tournament happening this weekend, in
the backyard pond. The lake level is very high right now, and where I like to stand and fish is underwater from 10 days of rain, including a big storm overnight here.
No, I'm not taking part in it. Too many anglers and boats for my tastes; I like it more when there are few fishermen on this branch of Sardis Lake, making for a quieter, more serene experience.
Not today. From our porch, the noise of all the 10 h.p. outboards already in place sounds like some airport.

Still, I hope they have fun, and catch a good mess.
Not sure if I ever posted a map of Sardis Lake, the Yanush metropolis, and our property on the bloggie before,
but here's a map

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where we live.

Well, that map didn't reproduce exactly from Google Maps. Using your mouse, if you center the map just a little to the NorthEast, your in my 'Hood.
Our home is about where the "S" in the word Yanush is, on that Google map. Also, if you convert that map over to 'Satellite' view, you can even see the dense trees in our backyard, going down to the lakeshore.


Mike said...

Man, I love my Google Earth program. I've sat down at this machine, opened the application and explored the world. I think the first day after I d/l it I spent eight hours without moving from this chair, looking at my house, my family and friend's, then zoomed in on the online friend's who had given me their addresses.

I've "visited" the Roloff Farm (home to the "Big People, Little World" family), looked at the crab boats in Dutch Harbor (Deadliest Catch) and viewed places I've always wanted to go and may never get the chance, such as the beaches at Normandy, Iwo Jima and other battlefields during America's wars.

I really enjoy viewing places and tilting the of my favorites in Devil's Tower in Wyoming.

The "Street View" option is nifty, too. I went to my home town and saw a girl I grew up with, sitting at her desk at the business she and her dad run, staring out the window as the Google van drove by.

I saw some freaky things with that; I wrote an article with some pics in my blog: Walking
Through West
I try to keep up with all the updates and d/l the overlays for loads of different things; an interesting one is the last several presidential elections, plus I have another that shows all the six-man football fields in Texas.

I recently d/l the Microsoft program, Virtual Earth. While I still prefer GoogleEarth, VE has some features that I wish Google would incorporate, such as 3D and "Birds Eye".

Not all areas have the birds eye for them...your place doesn't...but in all my searches, the view is much clearer.

YanushAnyway, that's cool. Thanks for sharing. Wish I lived next to some trees and a lake. Oklahoma is a lovely state.

Jeffro said...

Water? Trees? Wow!

Crappie in those waters?

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Looks like a great area. How is that lake fixed for bull heads? I love large-mouth bass, rainbow trout, bull heads and catfish, all pan-fried in butter and garlic, then smothered in a nice mustard sauce served on a steamy bed of rice.

I should think that all them boat motors would scare the fish away.

Maybe when things get to be too much to bear, I'll declare "squatters rights" and build me a small cabin in your back yard so that I can spend the rest of my days prayin' and fishin'.

The Local Malcontent said...

Sardis is Nothing, if not a crappie/bass/catfish lake!!
Not for 'bullheads', Father, but both Flatheads mainly.
That's another reason I'm not in the tourney today- I have a row boat, not some supped-up bassboat.
I go out and set trot lines, sometimes casting a line... but mainly sit on some broad rocks and fish the shore.
Jeffro, I've a friend, Elton Grey, who routinely catches over 200 crappie on his outtings.
I hate him....

The Local Malcontent said...

Ok, that is a 'strange'...
If you take Google's satellite image down as close as you can,
there are areas which are grey,
several of them, which ought not be. Which aren't grey at all here.
One being the Yanush Store,
catty-cornered from our house, front yard, across Hwy 2.
There's a "grey area" in our backyard also, where there ought to be our goldfish pond, a big garden and thinner Pine trees too-