Saturday, June 27, 2009

Stay Clear of My Path

The best way I can describe how
I'm feeling today is "militant".
Sat here now, 20 minutes without writing a word, instead feeling, and reinforcing the rage within me at 220 members of the Nonhouse of Representatives who voted 'yea' for such a huge tax increase bill yesterday.
Years from now, when your entire city looks like a blighted slum and your children cannot find jobs, remember what happened yesterday in Congress.
Console yourselves with the memory that at least you helped elect a Black man, regardless of his lack of any leadership abilty whatsoever, or that he had ever felt like a true American.
Mr. Obama had the very first opportunity to show that a Black man could lead this country as well as the previous whites had, or perhaps better. Mr. Obama had the pristine, golden opportunity to really and truly end racial bias within these borders, between these oceans.
I would have been the very first in line to cheer him, had he turned out to be a true and courageous leader, with American values.
A black Reagan....
But he's proven in only 5 Months, to be totally bereft of any American value whatsoever.
As such, he will ensure inter-racial animosity for another century; he will, most kindly be remembered as the very worst, the most controversial and despised leader
this nation has ever had.
At worst, he will be the cause of far too many more abuses
in an already struggling Black community.
Obama is bringing back American slavery.
A slavery to government.
Perhaps worst of all, is that Mr. Obama is fully ignorant of that fact.


Subvet said...

Take a deep breath, it still has to pass the Senate.

But while taking the breath you might want to write down the names of those douchebags who passed the thing in the House. Elections are coming!

Anonymous said...

Calm down. Take a pill.

Jeffro said...

Perhaps worst of all, is that Mr. Obama is fully ignorant of that fact.

I'm not so sure of that.

ABNPOPPA said...

Let it out man. Let it out! You will feel better for it and it will clear your mind. I couldn't agree with you more. President Obama has done more to cause racial divide than any one I can think of save the KKK. He has set back racial harmony 100 years.

Having said that, Subvet is right. It has to pass the Senate. I just posted about starting to call you Senators now! I have all ready emailed my Democratic Senator and told him I have a long memory.

ABNPOPPA said...


I tuned in at approximately 10:30PM EDT and ....well I didn't know Native American music used accordains and sounded a lot like polka music.


The Local Malcontent said...

Don't know about that, Pops-
earlier on it was drums and chants.
But da, ve loove ze accordain, alllso.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

My friend, in the immortal words of Bill Clinton, "I feel your pain."

But I also believe Obama is well aware of ALL the damage he is doing to this country, and he could care less.

Perhaps you will like what I posted to my blog last night.

As Subvet says, "write down the names of those douchebags who passed the thing in the House. Elections are coming!" In other words, lets take names and kick ass.

Subvet said...

BTW, you've an award at my blog.