Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Complete List of 874,155 Americans
Who Would Be A Better President
Than Obama, in My Opinion

In no particular order at all, except that Zerobama is at the very bottom:

Hillary Clinton
John McCain
Rudy Guiliani
Tom Tancredo
Duncan Hunter
Newt Gingrich
Rush Limbaugh
Mike Huckabee
Ron Paul (I know, I'm stunned too)
Fred Thompson
Mitt Romney
Alan Keyes
Pat Robertson
Chief Greg Pyle
J. C. Watts
asst. Chief Gary Batton
Gov. Brad Henry
Gov. Rick Perry
Gov. Mark Sanford
the late Fred Sanford (Red Foxx)
the late Johnnie Carson
Bob Barker
Lynn Swann
Pat Riley
Barry Switzer
Joe Montana
Joe Izuzu
Mr. "JMom"
Sarah Palin

Aunt Jamima
Laura Ingraham
Mark .. Levin
Billy Cunningham
boss McGehee

"GOMLP" delegates
Bart Simpson
Marge Simpson
John Glenn
Johnny Bench
George Steinbrenner
Yogi Berra
Yogi Bear
Daffy Duck
Kenneth Hunter, or
his daughter, Leticia
Lee Iacocca
boss Hogg
Andy Griffith
Barney Fife
Ed Morrisey
Jimmy Buffett
Reba McIntyre
Jim Inhofe
"Mr. Whipple"
the late Clara Barton
Darneal Watson
B.B. King
the late Chief Crazy Horse
Mel Brooks
anyone from the state of Wyoming
anyone from the state of Alaska
"Archie Bunker"
"Fred Mertz"
Floyd Mayweather
Tom Coburn
Hank Williams, Jr.
Christopher Darden
actress Betty White
Candyman, Candyman, Candyman

Handyman Bob Vila
the late Colonel Harlen Sanders
"John-boy Walton"
Popeye the Sailor
Matt Sanchez
Lisa Beamer
Dan Riddle
the late Sam Walton
Scott Rolen
Scotty Pippen
Kermit the Frog
the Local Malcontent
Laura Bush
"Pee Wee Herman"
any rodeo cowboy/cowgirl


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure I rank well below Kermit the Frog.

Jeffro said...

You forgot Alfred E. Neuman!

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Well, I am honore3d that I made your list. Now if I can just deflate my ego.

The Local Malcontent said...

Omissions to this list are indeed many~ making the overall list over 1000000 who would be a better leader than Zero:
Alfred E. Newman, the Sad Old Goth, you Jeffro (although you were indirectly included as GOMLP del.)
Scribe, formerly known as my friend boss McGehee, in NO Way was this list in order of preference or qualification, other than being "greater than Zero".

I confess to being up very late and being very tired when composing this.

BobG said...

You're going about it wrong; you should have a list of those who would be a WORSE president than Obama. We could print out the results on the back of a postage stamp.

Kini said...

I am humbled!

Can I have you a my Veep?

The Local Malcontent said...

"humbled" is a far cry better than, well you know, "exalted".

Pam said...

Ha! I saw my baby sister's name made it on your list! Impressive!