Wednesday, June 17, 2009


For about four weeks now, I've contemplated doing
a long essay on the parentage and upbringing
of Controversial leader BarryHuss Obama.

-Wrestling with the idea of calling him a 'bastard', which by the base definition of the word, he Is;
-Wrestling with the notion of exposing his mother, Stanley Anne Dunham, for her immoral, ego-centric and often-absent role she 'played' in little Barry's upbringing.
-And what part if any, his white grandparents, the Stanleys, also played in Barry's early, identity development.

Culminating eventually, with why Stanley and Barack,Sr., and her parents would lie about little Barry being born in Honolulu, instead of in Kenya, as his Black Arab family claims (*and as his late granny, Mrs. Dunham once affirmed).
Adding what conclusions my wife and I came up with for doing the same for a baby, given similar backgrounds.

In my research of Barack, Sr. and Stanley, I found some astounding facts from many sources, all of which led me and Leti to two conclusions: Either that their baby Barry was born on foreign soil, or that he was born in Honolulu to a British citizen and a teenaged mother, unable to provide her child with American citizenship by law because of her age then.

Their quest to ensure his American citizenship, at that time of the 1960s, became moot to us, when we began to understand the high, rampant racial tensions in 1960's America, and how heavily localized these tensions were in Honolulu, Hawai'i in 1961, especially:
How vital it was for their little boy to be an American, given his bi-racial (and non-Hawai'ian) genealogy, in those days, exasperated by the two undeniable facts that both his parents were Communists, and that he was Negro.

Anyway, I researched, gathered and saved many verified articles regarding BarryhUss' parentage and upbringing.

Then I discovered one single, very long article which encapsulated it all-- with dreadful analysis and with dire predictions for America under the direction of the controversial leader, Barack Hussein Obama.

Not here, just now.
I'm going to divide it up into Five parts (the article is that long), peppering therein, our own personal experiences of racial bias, offering contrasts by two other, non-White minorities in 20th century America.

Let's begin that tomorrow, June 18, 2009.


Most Rev. Gregori said...

My Friend, I shall be eagerly looking forward to all five parts.

No matter what the reason, I still want our government to do the right thing and demand that Obama produce a valid long form birth certificate or be removed from office and all of his rules, regulations, statutes and programs be overturned and voided. And Obama, along with ALL those who aided and abetted him in the fraud should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Jungle Mom said...

Great expose. I will save it and forward it to friends. Now we have Iran in turmoil and NK talking of possible nukes to Hawaii...we are int trouble!

The Local Malcontent said...

Just wait until you (eventually) read the other four parts, JMom!

Scary, today; perhaps also it will be when you read them~!