Thursday, June 11, 2009

Goodbye, OkieDoke
With Best Wishes~!

The king is (almost) gone. Long live the king.
Vintage Okie Opinion

is retiring soon from blogging, and says that his next endeavor in composition, is to write a book.

This man is a real pioneer in Oklahoma, because of his efforts in collecting all Oklahoma-based bloggers of every background/interest together into one huge group. Into a group, in fact, which could gather together for annual awards to celebrate the published word. Mostly, without fistfights; but always with great camaraderie and much laughter.

In political-POV-Free speech, I am pleased to join with other Okie bloggers of all political stripes, to wish Mike well, and also a very successful retirement. Not to mention, success with his book!!

Now Mike is a devoted Democrat, and Obama supporter. On that matter, he and I most certainly parted ways, respectfully.
However, as is usually the case, he and I found far more common ground to agree upon than our politics:
Mike lovingly honored U.S. veterans, loves our Oklahoma, and the Sooners, the rule of law, and also the rule of the majority, the plurality of voters, and their wishes.

Mike highlighted 'The Local Malcontent' several times at his blog, over the past two+ years, as well as commented here, most recently wishing my bride and myself a wonderful wedding and life, in December.

My wife and I do wish you and yours, the very best away from the computer keyboard.
When your book is published, count upon me both to buy a second-hand copy (LOL), as well as highlight it here on the LMC blog, friend~!
You taught me much, introduced me to many other Okie bloggers, you were both kind and patient with me--
and forall that sir, I offer my sincerest thanks~!

Ron & Leticia
The Local Malcontents


Most Rev. Gregori said...

I did not know Mike, but I wish him all the best and much success with his book.

The Local Malcontent said...

Mike's a good guy, that's for sure.

I tried just now to go back and search for his most recent LMC comment;
it went something like "very best wishes for your wedding and marriage, and oh yes, McCain lost."


ABNPOPPA said...


What a great idea. Mike sounds like a great guy. If he believes in all that I think he is closet Conservative.