Friday, June 12, 2009

"It Wuz Good Enough Fo' My Mother"

Praise the Lord~!
I've heard from our Methodist minister tonight,
that Hallelujah!, our church will take part in
an old time, big tent Revival in Talihina during the week of July 13 - 17th,
just after the week of the Kiamichi Baptist Assembly Youth Churchcamp.

This May Be A 'First'--
For I'm told they plan to have two back-to-back sermons each night during
This Big-tent Revival of The Holy Spirit in our lives, coming from the Baptist,
the Nazarene, the Catholic, the Assembly of God and the Methodist churches around here.

Of course, the details, directions to this Revival will be put up here soon!

Just now, my head is literally swirling,
we're so excited,
and our eyes are all wet
in God's praise,

Simply amazed for witnessing
this event happen~!!


Jungle Mom said...

You do sound excited! I grew up going to tent meetings, often with my dad or grad dad doing the preaching. Wonderful memories and experiences!
Sorry I have been very busy of late and not able to read blogs. My kids leave tomorrow for the US and then I will have more time than I care to have ,on my hands.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Sounds exciting. I wouldn't mind going myself if I could.

The Local Malcontent said...

We're just beside ourselves honestly, seeing a wide-scale revival meeting come real!

an' just wait until July~