Thursday, June 25, 2009

SO, You Want An Infomercial, BarryHuss??

The Local RabbleRouser

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No, I'm not changing my bloggie's name. I've "worked too hard" to make this thing what it is, whatever that is.... I consider this thing to be my electronic, sick, one-leafed African Violet, all drooped over the side of a little clay pot.

But it is getting the word out, bit by bit, despite having only seven true followers, down from eight last year; locally too, and that has become my primary aim: To affect the thinking patterns of my mostly conservative, Democratic-voting neighbors here in scenic, southeast Oklahoma.

Stay tuned....

I was in Durant all day today, auditing the mothership Choctaw casino on Hwy. 75.
When I broke for lunch at noon, I chose to eat (another breakfast) at Stargazer's, one of five themed restaurants inside the casino, instead of going back into town for a cheeseburger. Those reasonably-priced link sausages looked and smelled sooo good!!

While I sat, comfortably waiting for the friendly, smiling waitress to bring my mouth-watering order to me, I overheard a couple and another man talking politics (!), rather than which of the casino's 722 slot machines there is the loosest, or which of them just might be ready to pay out BIG, or how many hundreds or even thousands of dollars they'd already won during their brief sojourn there.

I couldn't help focusing my attention to the single man's words when he said that he'd seen an online blog by some "rabblerousing, republican Indian guy". He told his friends that the blogger "lives up in Talihina", and that this "guy just hates Barack Obama".

I took another swig from my tall glass of fresh, 2% milk. Oh sure, I could've had chocolate, or whole milk, but hey, I'm watching my weight, you see.

His male friend then expressed his deep concerns about Mr. Obama's tendency to break all his campaign promises saying, "He's not done one thing right so far, if you want to know what I think. Our Social security bonuses last month will be taxed next year, so where's the benefit to us low income people? It's got to all be paid for some way, and he's already spent about a trillion extra dollars an' more to fix something that ain't broken at all in the first place. He scares me to death...."

The solo male then added, "yeah, 'guess that's right; it's what that ole boy in Talihina writes about,".

That next bite of my buttermilk pancakes, sprinkled with chopped pecans, drenched in REAL® whipped butter and maple syrup tasted especially delicious!!

Why, I was so fully re-invigorated by that generous, sumptuous, and inexpensive meal and also by overhearing that brief, inspiring and hopeful conversation, I went back to work humming a cheerful tune to myself, so pleased to verify that no 'funny business' had taken place in their bookkeeping, and very pleased seeing that their clientele had won over $310,000 dollars in the previous two weeks, playing only the slot machines.
The Choctaw casino also offers Stud Poker, Blackjack and Texas Hold'em tables and everyone's favorite game, Indian Bingo!
C'mon, G-53!!!

Don't forget to come out and see some gen-U-wine Indian dancers and theatrical productions (?), the weekend of June 27 & 28, at 2, 6 and 9 PM, on center stage at the Choctaw Casino in Durant.
And leave feeling a little Indian in you, too~!

Why, you could AND should be the next to win!!
C'mon over and tease Lady Luck-- I know she will just love you!

THAT, my dear readers and ABC-TV, is How You Do an infomercial. (Or Two (or three))

P.S.- Zerobama is a dummy and all.

And his 'healthcare' and 'Cap and Trade' plans are full of increased taxes and pain for each of us.


Jungle Mom said...

That's amazing you overheard that. Fun! I hope I am one of your regulars.

ABNPOPPA said...

Well who do you suppose this rebel rauser this guy was talking about is? Hmmm! For a moment I thought it was you but, you just speak the truth, so that leaves you out.

Now that you told us so very eloquently what you had for breakfast I am hungry. I'm going to the Dairy Queen for a banana split! Hey don't give me a hard time....bananas are healthy!

Hi Mal, hope you and your loverly wife are doing well1


ABNPOPPA said...

Oh, ya, too bad about Farah she was a looker and a hottie in my day!


Jeffro said...

Now that would have been great to hear! Most of the people I know or encounter wouldn't know a blog if it came up and bit them on the butt.

And just so you know, I may not be a "follower," but you're in my Google Reader. I don't "follow" anyone.

And speaking of social networking, are you on Facebook or Twitter? I'm @jeffropo on Twitter and clicking on the Facebook logo on the Farm takes you to my page there.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

If I heard people talking about me and my blog, especially in glowing terms, I would be so full of myself that I wouldn't need to eat breakfast.

Christopher Willis said...

You were in Durant at my workplace and did not even stop in to say 'Hi.'? Oh, yeah. I was at home asleep. C-)

The Local Malcontent said...

Amazing to hear that? No, because of the necessity to speak really, really loud to be heard. Ha!
[edited from glowing, infomercial details]
...wish we had a Dairy Queen, or better yet, a Braum's Ice Cream store nearby~ I could "watch" my weight even easier, as it would be everywhere I look.
(holding steady @ 197 lbs.)

Jeffro, yeah, we reluctantly joined Twitter last weekend, to catch up on Iran's protests.
Our Twittering is infrequent so far- but having it on the homeypage is interesting!
See the righthand margin for the LMC's. I'll add/follow you right now too.

Breakfast, even 2 of them, is 2 important to 4go. C'mon, V-8!!

Ah, heyyah, Mr. Willis. I suspected as much. You and I should sit down together and talk.
Wish you came around here more often~!

BobG said...

Wish I could see the local dancers there; I've quite enjoyed watching the Diné, Hopi, and Zuni people in the southern part of my state, and some of the Lakota and Shoshoni dancers in Wyoming and Idaho.