Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Taking some Heat

Henry David Thoreau once said, ""Any man more right than his neighbors constitutes a majority of one."

And while I dare not to claim that status here for myself, I still believe I'm right.

Wouldn't you think less of me, if I suddenly were to also temper my feelings toward the abominable, simply because of a mere death?

Dr. Frankenstein was killed by his monster,
and no one felt bad for him--
Saddam Hussein was hanged,
even though he once was our trusted ally--

Perhaps it is the heathen, renegade in me, but I don't feel anything but satisfaction at the death of George Tiller, the Witch(ita) Doctor who specialized in late term abortion.
As I commented elsewhere tonight, I sort of feel like the (Jack Nicholson) Joker in the first Batman movie, when he fried his friend and then said, "I'm glad he's dead."

I know that IF, indeed, you accept that it's simply the "heathen, renegade" in me, then as an already softened-up, quasi Liberal that you are, you will both understand and forgive me.
Or maybe you all have lost your way in this so-called "Civilized World".

In which(ita) case, then I forgive you~!

I am not sad that George Tiller was murdered. There, I've said it again.

"Allahpundit", co-host of HotAir.com, threatened anyone who had differing views than the typically expectant kind, would be banished from that site, so I refrained from adding my views there. But only for that reason.

Here at The Bloodthirsty Malcontent bloggie, I will say what I feel.
Keeping in mind, Thoreau's sound words.

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