Sunday, June 14, 2009

You Are Here

That signpost back before. Intended to warn us.
No one paid attention. Me, included.
Now we have crossed into unfamiliar territory.

We've forsaken all that we once held near and dear,
to be here.

We enter a land where up is down, wrong is right,
stupidity is enlightenment,
and folly, the order of the day/night/present.
Righteous indignation is good, but up to, only a point,
then political correctness takes over.
To which, we must bow.

Insanity reigns in America for now.

A nation comes together to mourn the murder of a murderer of an estimated 60,000 babies?
~ I will never be sad at Tiller's death!!
A nation that is now the biggest debtor nation ever, of them all, throughout history?
~ Eternal Hell has a Democrat wing with vacancies.
Allowing homosexual "marriage" now in seven states?
~ "D.I.V.O.R.C.E" becomes the sleaziest courtroom, pay-per-view, half-hour drama on Cable.
Advocating Universal Health Care, in light of so many other nations' fiascoes with the same?
~ I for one, would like to assault you, sending you to a 8-month waiting period for a facial re-alignment specialist.
Giving 'Miranda rights' to enemy combatants on the battlefield? To devoted terrorists? To fighters who lust to cut your heads off, in the name of their "religion"?
~ Are you nuts or whut?? Despite what the rookie in the White House says, it was, and IS a War on Terror. The enemy is at war with America, they'll tell you so. It is a war.

Exactly where is your outrage? When is your outrage?

~Tea parties today, bloodshed tomorrow. Unless you yourself act, turning back.
Believe me when I say.
My people have already been here, on this soil.
They lost, too...
To that which you've brought with you.

Here's a current SignPost for you.
It's far worse than you think.


Kini said...

Excellent Post my friend!

Twilight Zone is where we live, now.
We can change the "Hope-n-Change" that's bringing "Nothing-But-Pain"

We have the ability to change the creeping socialism that threatens our freedoms.


Most Rev. Gregori said...

When the proverbial s%$t hits the fan, I will be standing right along side you and any other conservative who has the will and courage to stand and fight.

The Local Malcontent said...

Well, thank you men-
the situation is now perilous, for when universal medical coverage is the law of the land,

it will be a natural, next step for the government to come in and tell you and me that 'you should not eat red meat anymore', or 'you take in too much sugar or salt'.
Then, you see, they have us by the mouth.
That's when the bloodshed will be.

I lovingly lifted that "60,000" abortion number from your own great post yesterday, Kini, thank you.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

They are already running commercials here in NY telling us that we should watch what we put on our plates. They tell us to eat less beef and more pork, chicken and fish, because cow farts and burbs are a large contributor to global warming. Even the U.N. is running a study to see if scientist can alter the diets of steers and cows to cut down on the methane gas they emit, or maybe pass an international law that would limit the number of beef cattle.

The Local Malcontent said...

"... a study to see if scientist can alter the diets (cattle) to cut down on the methane gas they emit,..."

Are you unaware of the $175.00 per animal Fart Tax, which our wise Congress is considering presently?