Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bonus Points for Dan Boren

Controversial leader, BarryHuss Obama, will face a growing groundswell against his socialist agenda for Universal Health care, this fall in Congress.

Obama continues to insist that "this bill must be quickly legislated", offering little time to read and digest all the 1200+ pages of that bill.
~ sorta like, the quickly passed TARP bailout bill last February, which hasn't had any effect whatsoever, other than balloon our deficit and our national debt.
~ sorta like the cap and trade bill, which will kill the coal industry in the U.S., cause utility rates to skyrocket, and cut jobs.

The socialist agenda of controversial leader BarryHuss Obama, and fully endorsed by 'progressives' at The Daily Kos and by Sam Webb, leader of the Communist Party of the USA.

But standing in the way in the halls of the House of Representatives, are the Blue Dog Democrats; around 51 conservative representatives, including our own Oklahoma 2nd District congressman, Dan Boren.
Good for Dan. He is actually listening to his constituants, instead of Nancy Pelosi's drug-induced rants.

And credit Boren for being so hated by the whining, anti-American, race-baiting authors and readers of The Daily Kos website.
lovingly lifted (eh, not really) from
The Daily Kos:
The disingenuous Blue Dogs are already threatening to support the GOP in preventing a bill from passing. It's important to keep in mind that many of them are southerners who will, by nature, oppose anything and everything that could possibly help Black families or immigrant families. Although Blue Dogs ostensibly stand for fiscal discipline, in reality, many-- if not most-- of the Blue Dogs just use that as an excuse for their own reactionary and racist politics. The only Democrats, for example, to cross the aisle and vote with the Republicans against Hate Crimes legislation last April were a gaggle of 15 sleazy, bigoted Blue Dogs. Similarly, it is primarily the Blue Dogs in the House who are screaming that they will oppose any bill that includes a public option or in any way forces the Insurance Industry CEOs, who shower them with so much money, to compete with an alternative that is based on delivering health care instead if denying it. These are the 51 Blue Dogs in the House. There aren't a dozen worth a collective bucket of spit:
Ask almost any Democrat in the House who's the biggest scumbag in the party caucus and Dan Boren (Blue Dog-OK) will usually beat out even slimy neo-Confederate reactionaries like Jim Marshall (Blue Dog-GA), Heath Shuler (Blue Dog-NC) and Gene Taylor (Blue Dog-MS), all of whom vote with the Republicans on substantive matters at least as much as they vote with Democrats. Yesterday, Boren became the first so-called Democrat to go on a full frontal attack against Obama.
Ten feet from the desk, in the main hallway of Boren's new Durant headquarters, the congressman beams from a portrait, his arm draped around President George W. Bush.

A photo with the current president is nowhere to be found.

"Barack Obama is very unpopular," said Boren, who represents Oklahoma’s 2nd Congressional District. "He got 34 percent of the vote statewide, and less in our district. If he were to run for re-election today, I bet it would be even worse."
..."It would be a lot nicer if we had someone who was in the middle," he said. "Bill Clinton won our district. A lot of people don’t remember that, but he, in 1996, carried this district. I think if you have someone who governs from the middle, who’s pragmatic, who works with both parties. President Obama talks a lot about bipartisanship. If you look at some of the legislation, he may have one or two Republicans."
(emphasis mine)

Nice going there, Dan; good dog, Good Dog~!
One has to like his watchdog alot, when he recognizes dangers to his masters so well.

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Most Rev. Gregori said...

Well, if we are all lucky, this whole National Health care will go down in smoke.

Don't get me wrong, we do have a lot of kinks in our present health care system, but a complete government take over is not the answer. And we don't need to force American taxpayers to provide for women's abortions and to provide health care to illegal immigrants.

And I sure as heck don't like the idea of the government being given access to my private medical records.