Thursday, July 16, 2009

Five Circles, Finally: 880

The trend among many Conservative, American bloggers these days is to hunker down during this reign of Zerobama, and the ill wind which seems to proceed his latest, revolutionary pronouncements.

At least most of those whom I follow. And perhaps you think the same of me...
for what has it been now, almost two weeks since I've blasted at the insanity of Zerobama and the Democrats??

Since July 1, your Local Malcontent has posted 2 Whatzits, 2 emails from my uncle Bryan Malcontent, 2 posts on Revival week here, one post each on a favorite restaurant's demise, America's birthday, Oklahoma's Indian casinos' terrific business, one "awards" meme, and one on being a very bad boy on a Thursday morning.
While perhaps not stressing "Conservative" as much as just "Choctaw" in this month's posts, take heart fellow Republicans and conservatives-- I'm just waiting and watching for this bunch in Washington to slip up, and it will happen soon.
Then's the time to pounce, to go for the throat of these know-nothing idiots who try to tear down our great nation.

In the meantime, as we wait for that moment, here is a compilation of links to 81 videos which I've 'Favorited' at YouTube, divided into catagories for your convenience.

Music Videos/Other Videos Which Define Me: "Gnarles Barkley's 'Crazy'" "Bob Seger's 'Still the Same'" (this song defines my entire life) "Inspector Clouseau's theme" continuously running in my brain. "Listen to the Mockingbird (Harpolin)" "Listen to the Mockingbird" by Tom Rousche,
with Original, 1870 lyrics. Haunting. "Jobe' - A Chronomotion Short" A compelling short film which I just cannot ever, ever, ever delete. Highlighted once as a 'Whatzit', yet with no sufficient explanation from anyone. "Bach's Brandenburg Concertos No.3 - iii: Allegro" Wintertime in My Neck of the Woods- Feel the Snowstorm, See the Nothing but Whiteout

Music Videos Which Define My Wife and I: "Chantilly Lace" Ohh,baby, that's what I like!!!!!!!!! "Solace" by Joplin "Solace" by Joplin, with added passion "La Vie En Rose" The magic spell you cast, ve ces la vie en Roses~! "Midnight Fire Alarm" ~Gotta answer IT "Pua Lilia" Man, do I Love this song! "Renouncement" I cannot imagine that title, at all. I've posted this video at least twice before, with good, god reason. Women, beautiful womanhood, God's second Greatest gift, in a breathtaking video. McCartney croons "Till there was You", with exacting feeling.

Music Videos Which Remind me of My Creator and Savior: "Love Lifted Me", by Benny Hinn

Other Music Videos which I just enjoy: "I'll Never Smoke Weed with Willie (Nelson) Again" "Perpetuum Jazzile - Africa" VERY, Very Cool Vid. '"The William Tell Overture" by Rossini' "'Green Acres' performed by Donald Trump" "'Pee Wee's Big Adventure (Breakfast Machine)" --maybe you just don't get it-- this is the greatest, most brilliant movie ever made! "Leave It to Beaver" theme. 'with Jerry Mathers,,...' "th' kinfolks said, 'Jed, move away from thare...." "Frenesi" by Artie Shaw. "Stardust" by Artie Shaw, Bk. when music wuz Gud, Yo. "Man, do I love this song:" again. simply. because. Here, "On the Sunny Side of the Street" "Sanford and Son" theme, ya big dummy, aunt LaWanda notwithstanding. "Ohh, Hahahahahahahaha! Hahahahahahahahahaha!"

On Being Indian, On being in Oklahoma: "2009 Red Earth Grand Entry" Yeah, in there somewhere. "NDN Cars" the great Keith Secola & the wild band of NDNs "'Saturday Afternoon' Worship service, Every fall 'round here... "Boomer Sooner" "Oklahoma Rising", my country, tis of thee.... "Tornado Watch/Warning number 2,792- May xx"
Has to do with Baseball: "The Eephus Pitch" gets Horton out. "Meet me in St. Louis, T.M.O.T T.B.G" "The Easy Winners" Yeah. Joplin again. "Harpo Marx plays 'TMOTTBG" on 'I Love Lucy'.
One of my most sublime, personal, and intimate favs. Baseball heaven. Excellence in TV.
SuperCartoons~! "'Duck Amuck', Starring Daffy Duck" "Lame Duck" jackass

the Obamanation: "Obama to 'Rule' as President" "Theme to 'The Twilight Zone" "Shrink the Size of Government" NOW~! "Darth Obama"

My RAY-GUN: "Reagan tells Soviet Jokes" look, listen, Laugh Again~! "Reagans' Funny Answer" "NIxon: 'Sock It To Me?!" this isn't Reagan BTW

On Conservatism, on Strength, on Optimism: "September 11 2001 Video" Go ahead and rip that wound open again. You need to remember this. (26+ mins.) The "Imperial Democrats" when Clinton was only after sex, not our own lives like Zerobama. "Palin, 2012"

Merry Christmas~!! Josh Grobin's "Silent Night" Ex.Tra.Or.dinary~!

JOPLIN, my Favorite Composer, Evah!: (note: only the best here) "The Sycamore" piano roll (Joplin on the keys) "Solace", nicely played, naively, stupidly "sung", by S. Keller. G.
Ignore the words; they are an insult. "The Easy Winners" See a trend developing here?? BEST~! Andy Koehler playing "The Maple Leaf Rag" "The Heliotrope Bouquet" That sounds so dangerous, NOT! Andy Koehler playing "The Gladiolus Rag" Oh my good. Andy Koehler playing "The RagTime Dance (*1906),"
I wake up, jump up, to this happy tune every morning, playing on our alarm clock... 5:15 am.

KIDS, CHILDREN: "Say 'FireTruck'-- (*warning, bad baby language) "Kayla Sings "Chantilly Lace" "Rush Baby"

Plain Stupid Videos that I like:
http:// "O, crap" 'T.H.E. FUNNIEST CAR COMMERCIAL. EVER. END.O.F.TIME." Ehh, whathehell, I'd do him.... LOL


The Local Malcontent said...

And the video I visit MOSTA, mosta oftenest?


Most Rev. Gregori said...

Friday evening, I will be posting a very scathing piece on my blog, which deals with a growing apathy among Conservatives. It is something that I have been noticing more and more lately, and it is the reason why we are losing.

Conservatives need to be shaken out of their complacency other wise we are wasting our time.

The Local Malcontent said...

well, thank you for the advance notice, Abouna~!
Unfortunately, the world is scheduled to end, Thursday.

The Local Malcontent said...