Friday, July 17, 2009


Tomorrow, Saturday the 18th is Leticia's birthday.
Happy Birthday, Sweetheart~~!

A very common comedy routine done in every TV comedy ever, has the husband forgetting his wife's birthday until reminded at the last minute or worse- LATER. From Ricky Ricardo to Homer Simpson, the results are always hilarious; but all is always well in the end, at the end of 30 minutes of panic.

NOT so here; for July 18th is now by far my favorite day of the year, followed closely by December 27th.
I brought flowers home for my bride this afternoon; tomorrow, I'm taking Leti to Sears to pick out a new vacuum cleaner and get new tires for her truck. Nothing is too good for the woman who saved my life,
and with whom I eagerly look forward to growing old together, one day, one demure glance at a time.

No, really, she very patiently puts up with my Kraziness, my Joplin music, my rages, my idiocy, by tempering them with her quiet common sense, her Beatles music, and with her calm, demure eyes again.

We're leaving tonight, taking off this weekend for parts unspecified to celebrate.
.... Not Sears.

Regarding the previous Local Malcontent post, "The Top Five?", here is a hint for you readers:
God's Second Greatest gift to mankind, is Woman.
His gift to me is named Leticia Marie.


Jeffro said...

♩♪♫ And maaaany moooooore!! ♩♪♫

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Happy Birthday Leticia and may God Grant you many more.

Also, thank you for putting up with my "Choctaw son", and if every once in a while, he gets a bit wild, just gently pull him back down to earth and be quick to forgive. Ron is a good guy at heart, but at times, he does get carried away, but God still loves him as he does you.

Happy Birthday

Christopher Willis said...

Chim Afammi Nittak, Leticia!

Jungle Mom said...

I'm so sorry I missed it. A belated Happy Birthday to Leti!