Saturday, July 4, 2009

Is This Like A "Pulitzer"?
How Much Money Do I Win?

I've been honored by two other bloggers; one, a real American military hero, 'Subvet';
the other, a real American Christian Bishop, 'Gregori'.

One, an American Navy Veteran of 22 years in the US Submarine Force, a retired Senior Chief A-ganger (which means commander to me), became acquainted with the LMC bloggie only this year, and likewise me to his, with equal regard to his affection and loyalty to America.
The other, my oldest and best~est blogging buddy, the wise and gifted Munchkin--ERR, I mean the Right, Honorable Bishop Gregori of the American Orthodox Church, a.k.a., Abouna.

With a 'Heyyah, Subvet!', a Native welcome issued and given to recognized friends, I salute you.
And Heyyah, Abouna~!.
I'm very flattered that you both considered me for this.

Now, according to your two-plus rules:
1) Say "Thanks!" to the presenter(s) of the award and provide a link to their blog(s).
Links established, Sirs-
2) Share (at least) 10, honest things about myself:

a.- I could eat gravy on anything, from carpeting to ice cream. And have...
b.- I am genuinely affected by people's concerns- really interested.
I listen to/read, intently your words, seeking out what your spirit is saying.
c.- Arrogantly perhaps, I think that I turn a phrase, sideways, better than most.
Loving language, I luxuriate in its liveliness; likewise, labor within its labyrinth.
d.- Your Local Malcontent loves reading. I consume books and blogs like eggs and Oxygen.
e.- My heroes have always been REAL® Cowboy Presidents, business tycoons, and a handful of baseball players. Isn't that the masculine, American dream, afterall?!
f.- While I do not entoke, I believe that private marijuana usage should be legal and regulated.
g.- I have witnessed one of those HUGE, silent, low-flying, triangular UFOs overhead.
h.- I cannot have children of my own. Leticia and I want someday to adopt some Indian kid(s).
i.- We are preparing for an American Apocalypse soon: A day may come soon when we simply disappear.
j.- I, we both talk with our plants, trees, flowers. in English.
Bonus k.- I'm 31 for 32 successful, in attempts to make it rain. I need to work on more precise timing- always a day off my aim.
Bonus l.- Wanna talk Baseball? Which team, what year? ~ I do love that game.
Bonus m.- I've always felt like I was born about 70 years late.

3) Present this award to (at least) 7 others whose blogs I find brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have encouraged me. (Two of Subvet's and Abouna's choices would also be mine, so please don't feel offended if I don't also include you here..., JMom) ;-)
a.- McGehee, leader of The Get Offa My Lawn Party, a mans' Man I admire, but don't read often enuff;
b.- Charles G., at Dustbury, though I think he's pretty pissed at me just now.. I still admire him;
c.- ABINPOPPA, Ohio rascal, who IS on my good side;
d.- Beloved 'bareheaded in biloxi', for reasons I need not explain here;
e.- Kini, my native Hawai'ian brother;
f.- Gregor, the (Wise) Old Goth, skilled home craftsman;
g.- Ms. Pamela D. Hart, because of her most recent, and honest blogpost;
h.- Jeffro, whenever he gets off his combine.
i.- Col. B. Bunny, who may be pissed at me too, but whom I admire.

These fine bloggers would appreciate your visit and your reads. You'll find each of them to be fine sources of strength, humor and counsel.

Again, thank you Abouna and Subvet for this honor; you and I, indeed all those listed here, stand together, shoulders to shoulder in our beloved nations' defense, any day, any time, in any way.


Subvet said...

LMC, minor correction to my career in the Navy. I was an enlisted man, never a sub commander!

And thanks for the kind words.

The Local Malcontent said...

You're welcome for the promotion~!
Sorry about that, friend; I was going by memory, from what I'd read at your bloggie.
Nevertheless, thank you for your service to our great nation!!,
and I will correct that here A.s.a.p.

Kini said...

I am honored to be on your list.

You never cease to amaze me.


Pam said...

Congrats! Well deserved. I agree you are a real wordsmith!

Most Rev. Gregori said...

You are most welcome my friend, and if I was able to do more I would.

God Bless.

Jungle Mom said...

I love the way you play with words!!! You can make rain? Cool! So can my kids!!! My Dad can water witch, I think I can too, I just don't tell anyone.

CGHill said...

What possible reason would I have to be pissed at you?

The Local Malcontent said...

You guys' responses are too nice:
Thank you all, each of you teach me something good every day.
I want each of you to know that there's a little bit of your values, spread through me, 'round here & where ever I go.

JMom- I remember your post about your kids' rainmaking! Along the Amazon river, right?
One of these fine days, I sincerely intend to post on, and to make it rain via the Internet, as a kind of proof of my gift from God.
The one time I failed?? A
Cherokee Nation worker in Tahlequah asked me to make it 85° and sunny on December 15th. Of course, that day it poured.
Otherwise, I'd be 32/32.
~~And yes, the procedure came through God's glory, instruction.

Charles, I'm sorry for posting an acidic blogpost once about a year ago which was enviously snide, your way. Please forgive me, sir.