Wednesday, July 15, 2009


(( I've been looking through some old, never published blogposts, and this one is Bizarre. even for me.
So from June 13, 2010, here it is))

Ever since the invention of the modern,
Universal Translator by the Vulcans
on Stardate 21387.011, then Rediscovered
after the Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash
in a.d. 1947, over 380 stardates before,

Modern mankind has been "in the know" about certain words, names, within our culture.
And their ancient, 'future' translations, as a result, thereby.

Take for example, "Nixon".
When that word is spoken into the Universal Translator, an English translation among others, is given as "He who would first go, negotiate (or 'capitulate') with the Chinese".

Then again, when translated, other words wielded in this day and time
and planet, sound far more ominous:
"Obama", in the U.T's translation, means an impending, violent "crashing", "burning"
of some object, or of some state.

But one of the most feared, most abhorrent nouns, turned adjective in
the all Universal/Earth-English translations is

In Earth/Kenyan, the word Sotomayor roughly translates to "Opportune Thief" or "Witch".
In Earth/English, the word Sotomayor roughly translates to "Opportune Bloodsucking Liberal".
In Earth/Pharsi, the word Sotomayor instantly translates to "Opportune Supreme Mullah".
In Earth/Spanish/Mexico, the word Sotomayor means "Lollipop, lollipop, um lolli-lollipop".

In Klingon, that word is prohibited from usage, meaning "bad bytch beats us with straws".
In Romulan, the word "sotomayor" is used as a term for 'a long stretch of a bad road'.

Within our own, yet unexplored solar system, that ugly word already has a malevolent connotation:
On Saturn, "Sotomayor" is an adjective which means 'scaly', or 'scabby';
On Neptune, "Sotomayor" means 'acne during the 325-year adolescence of Neptune's youths'.
and "Sotomayor", on Uranus, means 'your ....".

So sorry to announce that fact.
Just, F.Y.I.

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