Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Revival Week in God's Country- 2uesday

** From downtown Talihina (the stoplight), go 1 mile south on Hwy. 271;
** Turn east on Okla. Hwy. 63, top the hill, 1.2 mile;
** and watch for traffic;
** (the "Greenhill grounds")

Tonight's Tent Revival was decidedly different to this observer, tho' none the less moving, in an overall effort to know God, to come closer to Him, His son Jesus Christ, our Savior, through another's eyes, their beliefs.
With scheduling done by the Talihina Ministerial Alliance, the audience was "treated" to two different kinds of preachers this evening. I put the word "treated" in quotes in both sentences, because both preachers tonight also emphasized that same word in their introductions and sermons themselves.

Beginning at 7 PM, was the Reverend Philip Towicki, of the Jesus Christ Church of Latter Day Saints church in Talihina. I'd never met Mr. Towicki before. He began with a simple introduction, treating us to images of bicycling pairs of missionaries (and also Mitt Romney), their Mormon beliefs of how Jesus Christ, after His Resurrection and Ascension into Heaven, ministered to His flock on this American continent.

How, by Christ's Holy love for us, salvation was taught to the indigenous peoples before the arrival of Europeans to this new world.
The pastor read verses from The Book of Mormon tonight, substantiating this; his overall sermon topic was "How Great, Our King", reading Psalm 69: 6-18.
I thought his intent was to imply "Why couldn't our unlimited Christ come to America?", for which I fail at reply.
After the invitational and witnessing to those (about 10) who came forward, and a brief break,
Brother Lloyd Earp, Buffalo Valley Assembly of God strode to the microphone, calling us to worship with a LOUD, "Who here will stand,, up! for Jesus?" Everyone stood.
The pianist began to play "Onward Christian Soldiers", more or less nonstop while clapping and loud shouts of praise came from us.
More or less, nonstop.

Which neither Leti and I, or anyone else really minded.
Brother Earp's message was entitled "Baptism in the Holy Spirit", which was a spirited one!
Before his sermon, Brother Earp asked us to read aloud together, a passage from Luke; then several from Acts, verses 1:4 & 8; 2:4; 8:12-17; 10:44-46; 11:14-16; 15:7-9;
and each, all was/were read aLoud.
To keep up, to hear ourselves quote these verses,
both of us began to read real aloud too.

We only sat brief moments during Brother Earp's sermon. Both of us liked his message on Baptism, how accepting Christ will genuinely, beneficially alter people from moment One.
Leticia said on our way home that she always thought deeply, of that moment of Christ's own Baptism by John, of that dove, and of her serenity on Baptism.
Of all the benediction prayers I've ever heard, I think I liked Bro. Earp's tonight, as one of the best, as he very Aloudly beseeched our Creator God to please extend HIS unparalleled mercy upon us, showering love on each and all those baptised in Christ, asking redemption for our sins of which even we know not; asking that our prides and our feeble judgements of others, not become a hindrance to God's acceptance of each of us.

The invitational hymn was the same one as earlier, when pastor Towicki invited all: "Just As I Am". Uncountable numbers of persons flooded forward at 9:50 PM, rededicating their lives to Christ, kneeling at the alter to our Savior, in private praise.

This evening was noticeably cooler than last night; less humidity, with a constant breeze from the East. Estimated attendance for tonight's revival, 380.

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