Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Revival Week in God's Country!

It's finally here!

Tonight was the first night of the grandest, six-day, tent revival I have ever heard of.
Put together by the Talihina Ministerial Alliance, six nights of good preaching by ten, yes ten! local preachers and guest Evangelists, choirs, Christian bands and special music. And refreshments.
So, Uhh yeah, my wife and I were there.

Honestly, what more could one want!??



** From downtown Talihina (the stoplight), go 1 mile south on Hwy. 271;
** Turn east on Okla. Hwy. 63, top the hill, 1.2 mile;
** and watch for traffic;
** (the "Greenhill grounds") 
Tonight was the first night and was started by Brother Cook of the First Baptist Church. His sermon was on the life of Saul/Paul, and his dramatic conversion to becoming a follower of Jesus Christ, from Acts ch. 9.
He accentuated how, no matter how lowly we may think we are, we are both loved and needed by our Creator to step in, however unexpectedly or however unlikely, to be a light and a testimony to others in the dark.
Leading them to The Light of Christ.
The hymn which was sung to begin his sermon was "To You, O Lord, I Lift My Eyes".
Followed by the Invitational, "I Surrender All".
Several people came forward to rededicate their lives to Christ, or to accept Him as their Savior- maybe 25 souls.

then there was a 15-minute period to stand and stretch our legs, get refreshments or get rid of same, before the next preacher took over.

Next was Brother Brent, from the First Church of The Nazarene. His energetic, lively sermon was based upon the third chapter of John... on the absolute forgiveness and the extraordinary love which God has for each of us.
Brent is a charismatic man with a voice which could make water listen. His passion is evident in every thing he does. Including preach a powerful sermon tonight.

I don't remember the name of the Christian-rock song which the choir sang to begin his service, just the chorus, "...it is only one more step." His Invitational was my personal favorite hymn, "Love Lifted Me".
Another maybe 30 to 40 souls, of all ages, came forward to accept Christ!!

The entire night was hot and there was only a tiny breeze; there was a thunderstorm to the south of us, though passing east; no shade, no cooling wind, no rain.

I'd estimate the entire crowd to be around 750
(we'd set up 600 chairs underneath, all filled).
There were folks sitting in lawn chairs, wheelchairs, on blankets on the ground, and in the beds of pickups also listening, all around, outside the tent.


The Local Malcontent said...

Perhaps, we should go and pick up Darnell every night and attend??

Anonymous said...

Heh. If he balks, tell him you need him for moral support.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

"Perhaps, we should go and pick up Darnell every night and attend??"

I would have to say that sounds like a great idea. Just be sure he leaves the booze at home.

I sure hope that revival helps to turn America around.

Jungle Mom said...

Sounds good. I would love to be there!!!! Is any of it on tape or videoed?
So...how are things with Leticia???? tell her I prayed for her too!

The Local Malcontent said...

JMom, I saw your comment earlier today, and thought to look around tonight for any cameras; sorry to say that neither of us saw any there.
Things 'with Leti' are great between us. Yes, she was very disappointed in me last Thursday evening/Friday, when our phone wasn't working, the broken table and all.
She knows that I've cleaned up my act ALOT in the 2+ years weve known each other; I drink much less, given up smoking altogether, don't wear the same sweatshirt day in, day out in the winter anymore.
She's forgiven me, with no warnings against future bad behavior.
That means it's up to me to choose.