Sunday, July 5, 2009

Very Tidy Housekeeping

Oklahoma tribal casinos are thriving.
The tribal casinos in Oklahoma beat their revenue from fiscal year 2008 by thirty percent in 2009. That is an increase to $105.6 million in revenue for the state, according to figures provided by the Oklahoma Office of State Finance.

Three of the states seven major tribes that operate casinos were the main contributors (Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw, 1-2-3). They provided the increase of even more than thirty percent, but the other four tribes had revenue that dropped from the previous year. Most of Oklahoma's 42 Indian tribes operate at least one casino.

"Tribal casinos just continue to grow their business and the state is feeling the effects," said Derek Campbell, gaming compliance head with the Office of State Finance, "if they can do this in a poor economy, I can't wait to see what they can do when the economy turns back around in a positive direction."

While tribal casinos in Oklahoma prospered, other states are watching revenue decline in record numbers. State casinos have fared much worse than tribal casinos throughout the recession; Las Vegas and Atlantic City, two of the biggest gaming destinations in the nation, are both in trouble financially. emphasis, colored-information, mine.

~ from my office's press release/email


Anonymous said...

This information is very very interesting. All other comments censored because my corporate masters have the office wired for sight and sound. I will say that the drift piles of money in the halls are not yet an OSHA problem. And we are working on a way to scan a patrons wallet/purse to automatically debit their credit cards and bank accounts to make their gaming experience more enjoyable; so they don't have to mess with those pesky ATMs any longer.

Anonymous you know who.

The Local Malcontent said...

Yes, I remember how those same people once monitored me through this blog. That ended reasonably well though.....finally.