Saturday, July 11, 2009

What's Kept Me Away This Week (Verse # 2)

If you haven't noticed, I've been absent from the blogging world since Wednesday.
Not because I didn't have things to say, or because the phone lines were disabled in some more constructive way, as was the case when the bridge across Ellis creek was replaced in March.
Leticia ain't happy with me either....

Contractions. Lots of them. I'm wishing my head would begin a contraction soon.
At least I'm neither in jail or in the hospital this time 'round...

Last Thursday morning, I ran into my friend Darnell while I was mailing some letters and bills at the post office in Talihina. He asked me for a ride to the Dollar General Store. I said 'sure thing'. I hadn't seen Darnell in a few months and all, it was nice to see him.
After he'd finished shopping there, we loaded up in my truck and he asked if I could also take him by the liquor store.

"Closed. Won't open till 10 am, man", I replied.

"I'll show you", is all he said. That's always been good enough for me, from Darnell.

When we got to the liquor store, he said "Pull around back, and park next to that white truck (the owner's). I did. Darnell got out and knocked on the back door of the place. It opened a crack. Then widely, as Darnell walked in, an hour and a half too early.
I wait three minutes, understanding his craving, and questioning mine.
He came back out and asked me if I could lend him six dollars.
I fished out six bucks for him. He went back inside.
Then another minute or so, he came out and climbed into the truck saying, "Let's go."

I asked "Where?"

Darnell holds a subconscious fixation over, in me. I can't explain it to anyone, much less to myself.
When we two are together, it's usually bad, and usually one of us ends up
in jail or in the hospital.
But he's my lifelong friend.
Darnell is that Choctaw man I could've become, easily might've been, if I hadn't gone to school, if I hadn't been ambitious.
Of all the local people I know, only Darnell could talk me into what happened next.

He pulled out two twin bottles of Jack Daniels from his backpack and said "Let's go to your house".
Pretty soon after that, we're sitting in my yard drinking. On a Thursday. Morning.
The rest of that day is a blur to me, except that I remember us laughing alot, jumping into the lake in our clothes, and me calling Oklahoma City, asking for the day off.

The purple bruises on my back, neck and arms tell me that we wrestled.
That I'm writing this, tells me I survived.
The broken table on the porch tells me two of it's missing legs were used as weapons.

The broken telephone box behind our house and the big dent in my workshop door tell me it was widespread.
Leticia won't tell me anything. She's not talking to me.
How Darnell got home is anybody's guess. He left behind the stuff he bought at the dollar store.


Jeffro said...

I discovered some time ago that while age is linear, recovery time is exponential.

I tend to avoid that kinda pain these days - snork!

Most Rev. Gregori said...

I can't say that I blame Leticia for not talking to you. You are lucky she didn't take a frying pan or rolling pin to your head.

Now, I know it isn't any of my business, but as one friend to another, I want to offer some advice:

You are a married man now, so you can't be acting like a college kid or a fourteen year old. Man, what if your little buddy Dillion had seen that little display of bad behavior, how would you feel? Now young man, you march yourself right into the house, grab Leti in a big hug, and apologize.

Okay,now that I have said that, I must say, it did sound like fun. Hey, we still friends?

ABNPOPPA said...


Not a good position to put yourself in, and YOU did put YOURSELF in that position. Sounds like a couple of nights on the couch for sure.

The good news is love will come around and you won't be in the "dog house" for ever.

I would start with some flowers, candy and my personal favorite groveling and begging for forgiveness.

Just some advice from an old guy married 32 years you know.

Good Luck,


Anonymous said...

Might be time to look more to the man you want to be than the one you might have been. That preference has usually gotten me through with my skin intact.

Jungle Mom said...

Ok, I am sure you know that I am with Leticia on this one.
Praying for you and Darnell and some better wisdom next time you encounter this kind of temptation.
I am glad you can admit it and face it and realize it was not a good choice to make.
Funny, my daddy never took a drink because his granny(Nichatie) told him that we cant handle our liquor. I have only had one alcoholic drink and it landed me under the table. I don't remember what happened that night and since I hate to lose control, I have never wanted to repeat the experience.

Jungle Mom said...

Oh and Pops has some good advice for you!!!
We all love you , you know!

The Local Malcontent said...

Satan tempted me with a cigarette many times over the past eight months, I said NO.
A friend tempted me with Whiskey one time over the past eight months, I said YES.

there's NO way it was right, given that it was a Thursday morning and all, married and all, responsible for another now and all.

I did not get the frypan to the skull, Abouna, I got disappointment. That's far worse.
I didn't have to sleep on the sofa, ABINPOPPA; too punitive.
I got the very coldest: