Friday, July 24, 2009

You Blew It, Dude.

~ only 3-1/2 years to go ~

Mr. Obama,
You are without doubt the stupidest man to ever hold the office which you presently do.

The majority of us Americans now see through the lies and bullcrap that you used to win your office. We observe that you lied (straight faced) about virtually every topic upon which you campaigned last year.

Your poll numbers continue to fall, day by day, week by week. Today, your Approval number is -8 again, at

You have proven to be the failure at playing President that some of us expected you'd be.
You have demonstrated to be anti-American on every front, from taxation to Liberty,
from national defense to international diplomacy,from racial healing to tearing open old racial wounds.

But what else would we, could we expect from a communist, Kenyan national?
Have you, or your personal handlers, no shame? No common sense?
You are fast becoming the most hated man in American history;
yet because of your arrogance and narcissism, you cannot see that. You only can see yourself, you don't see what your trainers are doing through you.

"Stenographers for Rahm Emmanuel"
The American main steam media (MSM) is committing suicide for you Zero,
willingly sacrificing the definition and the ethics of the word/profession "journalism".

You both deserve each other, when you will both someday lie, hated and unwanted,
amid the refuse dumpster of American history.

America deserves neither of you; and we reject you both more and more by the day.


The Local Malcontent said...

Ain't none' ya'll gonna ask why I've been at home, blogging for the past three days, instead of working??

Jungle Mom said...

Ok, I'll ask?
Obama said something else stupid today. Can in say 'stupid' without it being racist?
BTW, I was so busy I did not get back to you about the followers but mine were visible to me...I think.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Don't tell me ya got FIRED!

Hey, that was a great post, very well said. My Sentiments exactly.

Subvet said...

Okay, I'm fool enough. Why HAVE you been at home blogging for the last three days instead of working?

Kni said...

OK, I'll Bite. Are you laid off? On furlough? Vacation? WHY!?!?!?

On target on the Obama as stupid. But I would go further and say he's a racist. Given his historical position and achievement, he would go as far to comment on something he knows nothing about.

So, besides being a racist, Obama is a socialist, a fascist, and a lier.

So much for Hope and Change.

The Local Malcontent said...

nope not fired, not on furlough.

Broke my hand in a fall Wednesday. and was told to take two days off work.

Anonymous said...

I first read that as "broke your head" and thought, "When that happened to me they expected me back before lunch."

Then again, my head is less critical to the kind of work I was doing in that job...

Kini said...

How bad was the break?

The Local Malcontent said...

Kini, it's not good, not real bad-
broke my pinky finger below the knuckle and just at the wrist (two places). I'm wearing a plaster cast with my pinky stuck straight out. Four weeks like this.