Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another Video Dump
(OR is it??)

I've saved so many videos in my YouTube account, yet never used anywhere,
they are overflowing. So here they all are.

Take your choice, or watch them all.

Any day you find yourself in Los Angeles is gonna be a bad day.

(The Cardinals won that first game against Casey Stengel's Brand new
New York Mets and "Marvelous" Marv 'Throneberry
((pronounced "Thornberry", so as not to be confused with Son of God, Jesus Throneberry,))
on April 11, 1962, 5-2, with Kurt Flood knocking in three runs)
UPDATE:: Now I didn't notice this error, until my little buddy Dillon (Spot) pointed it out.
The Met's announcer gives the N.Y. lineup, with TWO rightfielders!! Liosten closely!

What is a good American to do?? Get READY to be part of the Revolution~!
(thanx, uncle Bok Chuka!)

ALOHA~! We're hoping/planing to visit the string of pearls soon.

Thanks for the reminder, Shrillary.

".... a big hairy guy like me ...."

Coo-Coo U, by the Kingston Trio. Sung better by the Manhattan Transfer.
What a married couple think of each other for the first 4 months....

Run Frodo, Run~!!

Run Frodo, Run from Willie's bus~!


Well, what do you Know!??
A big hairy guy, reminding us all, calling us to worship our Creator and His Son, Jesus THORNBEARER, today, playing a themesong for a married couple run, run running around, getting ready for Church this morning, therefore not to have a bad day. Aloha!

Have An Adventurous Day, Friends~!

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Kini said...

We hope to see you in the land of Aloha. Kaleohano means the voice of respect. The song speaks about a beach on the Big Island called Keaukaha. Great song.