Monday, August 24, 2009

Any Suggestions?

Temporarily out of ideas for blog posts.
I got nothin'.
Been this way for over a week now.

(well that's never stopped you before....)

Any suggestions?

Yeah, true; but I mean rock-bottom, absolutely nothing--
Zilch on baseball,
Bored with Dan Boren,
Zero to say about Zerobama.

Oh- one of the five people named Colt I meme-ed about last week,
beat the soup out of his step-father last weekend.
Betcha it wasn't that 4-year old....

The garden is overproducing right now; Leti and I have more okra
and tomatoes
and squash
and beans
and cantaloupe than we could ever eat;
we're giving as much away as we can, but everyone else has an
overabundance of veggies from their gardens too~

I've not seen as many deer this year as in years past. About 40% less.

The nights have sure been cool lately; mid-50s to low 60s.
Odd, but NICE! for August in Oklahoma.

We've spotted a stray kittie around the grounds in the last week or so-
and set food out for her one night; but anything could've eaten it....
the food, that is.

Open for suggestions; please hurry.


Jungle Mom said...

Well, I love all things indian. Any good Choctaw tales?

Christopher Willis said...

Since I follow your blog, I saw a blurb of a post that is not on your main page. Did you Witness anything unusual this week? You could blog about that. Or not, as the mood takes you. I am just Trying to Court some ideas for you. Just in Case you missed my blog post on Sunday, it was a Revelation post. That's all I got. Gotta go Spend Time with the wife. C-)

Spitfire said...

How about posting about some of your favorite things? Perhaps sharing some of your Choctaw traditions with us? Or telling us about your favorite hunting spot, or fishing, or whatever? Tell us about your weather....we in Texas would LOVE to see something with less than 3 digits in it....not to mention rain! Maybe those will help? Shalom, Spitfire
PS So how can I go about having you ship some of your excess produce down to the edges of a very hot place? Our garden fried in the heat almost 2 months ago!!!Sigh...I miss my fresh veggies...sniff, sniff. But I'm glad you have plenty of them...Grin.