Friday, August 14, 2009

Congressman Boren Changes Horses MIdstream
Decides Now to Hold Three Townhall Meetings
ALL Next Tuesday

Boren's quick change of mind does not lend him any credence, or added confidence.

After first announcing on his website that he would NOT hold live townhall meetings, opting instead for yet-unscheduled, telephone call-ins, AFTER HE HAD RETURNED TO WASHINGTON, D.C. from his August recess,
Mr. Boren has had a change of mind, and ...
((wait for it !!)) ... ...

Scheduled three townhall meetings in a single day, Tuesday, August 18th.

Laugh OUT loud. Smiley Face. Lovingly lifted from yesterday, Thursday the 13th Tulsa World:
"Town hall meetings are great opportunities for constituents in the 2nd District to come together as a community and share their thoughts and concerns,'' the Oklahoma Democrat said. "I hope this event is well attended as communication is a key part of representing eastern Oklahoma. The dialogue expressed during town hall meetings greatly assists me.''

Boren's announcement came following several days of national news coverage dominated by coverage of town halls held by [Precedent] Obama and members of Congress in other states.

Much of that coverage has focused on Obama's push for health care legislation.

Washed completely from Boren's Representative website, are these words of his, only one week earlier:
"Due to a large amount of interest in town hall meetings, Congressman will be hosting a "full series of telephone town halls" starting just as Congress reconvenes in September. Telephone town halls are a new service that will allow Congressman Boren to reach even more people throughout the 25 counties of the Second District.

They also are a very effective and efficient use of office resources."

Well, which is it Dan?
Will you likewise, change your vote on universal healthcare, as suddenly again Mr. Boren, as you did earlier this year on the completely feckless, Obama stimulus bill??

My work schedule will allow me to attend your Muskogee town hall meeting next Tuesday, 11:00. That is the one I'd prefer attending anyway, for demographic reasons. But I'll bet you a silver dollar your other two townhall meetings will certainly be vocal, in McAlester and in Pryor. We will speak together that day, sir.

Keep on, keepin' on like this, Dan Boren, and you will be unemployed in 18 months.
The idea of changing horses midstream may begin to sound good to us District 2 Okies, too.


Christopher Willis said...

What is it about some people that enter into politics that they can not let their Yes's be Yes and their No's be No? More waffling than an at an IHOP and the taste that is left in my mouth is not as pleasant. I can understand Mr. Boren changing his position from one to the other but what I can not understand is having three town-hall meetings in one day. It appears that Mr. Boren went to extremes to correct public oppinion from his first decision.

The Local Malcontent said...

I thought that too, Mr. Willis-
odd, perhaps a bit petulent on his part.

I read somewhere that he is taking a round-the-world Congressional "fact finding" trip just later next week.
But that too could be petulent rumor.