Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Honoring Another Time

Unseen by most, As you'd hope.

Fierce. Driven. Brave. Loyal.

On Your Side.


The Local Malcontent said...

This is what i seek out, at 3 am, on YouTube.
Reassurance and Assurance,
the NDN way.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Can't say as I blame you. Fantastic costumes. They look real expensive.

Spitfire said...

Local, Is that the Eagle dance they were doing? It's been years since we've been to a PowWow....something about the one anywhere close to us happening during football season and Dodi being a coach. It just looks kinda bad for the coach to not show up at the game...ya know what I mean?! LOL! Awesome costumes! I'd love to go to a Pow Wow again....perhaps one day. Shalom.

The Local Malcontent said...

Please, call me 'Mal', Spit. LOL

Right first time, that is the Eagle dance.
Big Choctaw powwow at the end of this month, into September, at Tuskahoma; ya'll come~!