Wednesday, August 26, 2009

HyannisDeport, enMass.

Ted's Dead.
I'm sorry if you suffered great pain sir, during your illness.
Or experienced moments of pelting fear, realizing your imminent death,

as MJK did once: ~as you would know:

I genuinely hope and pray that you are the very last Kennedy
to disgrace American leadership.
I resented your assumption of American Royalty.

May Holy God have mercy on your miserable soul.

Meanwhile, in St. Louis-- Adam Wainwright allowed three hits over eight innings Tuesday and outdueled Wandy Rodriguez to bring the St. Louis Cardinals a 1-0 win over Houston.
The tremendous battle of high-quality pitchers saw the teams combine for just six hits.
St. Louis scored the only run of the game in the first on a single by Brendan Ryan and a double by Albert Pujols.
Wainwright (15-7) struck out five and did not allow a walk in pitching the Cardinals to their third straight win and their eighth victory in 10 games.


Spitfire said...

Aha! You're posting again!!! Glad to see you found something to post about. I pray Papa's comfort to Mr. Kennedy's family....and mercy as Mr. Kennedy has to face Papa with some of the stuff he's done...including some of his politics.
Glad to hear your team won their baseball game...but more glad to see you posting! Shalom, Spitfire

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Be prepared for Ted Kennedy, ALL DAY, EVERY DAY, until he is planted. I shall pray for his immortal soul, but I will not praise and laud him. As I said in my post, the Kennedy's are a prime example of all that is wrong and immoral in America today.

The Local Malcontent said...

Shalom, Spitfire~! I enjoy and endorse your usage of "Papa". I think that I first read your comments, and thus your adorational name of our Creator (mine) at Abouna's place.

Thank you for gracing my place as well; aleichem Shalom.

Abouna, I'll go right over and read your post on Dead Ted;
as usual I'll bet you hit the nail on the head.
remember, we don't have "television" anymore, in the Malcontent household. We hear and read only what we choose to,
always fair and balanced assuredly.
But from what little you say here, I tend to agree, that the Kennedys lived for decades as our Betters.

After all, who the heck lives in a "compound"?