Monday, August 24, 2009

Preamble 2A Prayer Request

lovingly lifted from Charles' We Th P Pul, @ Dustbury (Dot) Com, thZ BEu-T:

^^U read it Phonetically, BTW.^^

I Charles, dustbury, as much as I this clever, car-tagged, Constitution preamble.
U Wood 2 As Well, if U Knew Him~!
(and I suggest, You should~!)
Charles is suffering from diabetes, from Neuropathy, suddenly.

Everyone's prayers for the good Mr. Hill's recuperation, and his full recovery to vibrant health, would be most welcomed, very appreciated, and would be another glory 2God when it occurs.

Prayers for improved health are the best ones you can issue;
the most genuine ones to give, in proving our Father Gods' love for us all.

Let's all please, pray for Charles.


Most Rev. Gregori said...

My prayers will certainly be sent up 2 ♥ God, Not only 4 Mr. Hill, but 4 all those who are suffering.

Melessa said...


Spitfire said...

Praying for Mr. Hill...and his family. Been fighting that with Dodi for years! But he CAN win that fight...with the Master Physician at his side. Hoping to hear soon that it's conquered. Shalom, Spitfire

CGHill said...

Much appreciated, folks. :)

ABNPOPPA said...

Very, Very CoolPik. Prayers from Mr. Hill will be said. Hope this finds you and your bride well.