Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Had A Birthday Yesterday, August 4th

Somebody we all love. Or you sure would love, if you knew them.

Someone who taught us all something, simply by their nature and gentleness,
but also by their patience, their thoughtfullness, their quiet support through the bad times.

Of course, I'm speaking of longtime teacher and Librarian, Ruth Horton of Poteau, Oklahoma,
former Head Librarian of the:
1) Poteau High School;
2) First Baptist Church of Poteau;
3) Carl Albert Community College, Poteau Oklahoma.

Mrs. Horton is ~by far (no kidding)~ the most honored, the most beloved person in Poteau, the seat of LeFlore County, OK.
I have been so very privileged to know and love Mrs. Horton for the past 40 years, six months, and 25 days. In other words, all my life.

Her life has been a genuine blessing to all those whom,
who've ever been fortunate to have met her,
of an everyday example of Jesus' Love for everyone ever born, or not born.
and then Once, I met a young man whose birthday was also August the 4th,
at the Choctaw Casino in McAlester.
His name was Todd, I think, and he was from some small town in Arkansas.
He'd won a large amount of money one night, and he told me that
he wanted to use his winnings to move out of his grandparents' home,
into a place of his own. That was about six years ago.
That's all the very special people I can think of, born on yesterday's date....

JMom reminds me that her son Joshua the lovable, toeheaded 8-yr.-old-once, celebrated his birthday, August 4th as well. My bad, for not remembering him.

Now, Wikipedia lists some other, noteworthy Americans also born on that date:
Louis Armstrong, jazz musician, 1901.
Anita Page, silent film star, 1910.
Warren Avis, American entrepreneur, 1915.
Lauren Tom, American actress, 1961.
R. B. "Bob" Smoot, American candle and casket designer, 1961.
Roger Clemmons, American baseball pitcher, 1962.
Dennis Lahane, American crime writer, 1965.
Jeff Gordon, American race car driver, 1971.
Kurt Busch, ditto above, 1978.
Do you perhaps know of anyone special, also born on that date, August 4??
Why not also, Please share thier bio in comments, if so ~!!


Jungle Mom said...

What a sweet lady, I wish I could meet here!
My special August 4th birthday person would be my son, Joshua! He is quite the young man and busy serving the Lord. We are proud of him and his new wife!

The Local Malcontent said...

Absolutely! Please tell Josh that we wish him a very happy birthday, and much happiness throughout his life!

Mrs. Horton wouldn't mind it, if I confided that she turned 93 years young, yesterday.