Friday, August 28, 2009

That One Birdie Says, "It's Good to Be the King!"

Way before there was an "Internet", and
way, way before there was a "The Local Malcontent" bloggie,
there was a thing called a "journal".

I had one of those "journal" thingies, once:
A book of blank pages awaiting someone's thoughts,
".... half-a-page of scribbled lines, ....
thought I'd something more to say."

One of those thoughts of mine,
included a memory of me driving,
coming home from college in Norman,
and encountering what must have been
1,000,000 flying birds. The flock was spread from horizon to horizon,
as far as my eyes could see, for a good 15 minutes.
And thick.
Had to be one million of them, I concluded, adding that (at that point in life)
I'd never, ever seen a million anythings.
I also remember adding, finally and conclusively,
to that 'Pre-LMC-Bloggie' journal entry,
how our Creator gently reminds us of His love for
each of us, by
letting each of us see a glimpse of
His boundless Majesty
every now and then, like those million birds....
Because for those 15 minutes of driving under
that flock,
I was the only driver on the lonley road,
the only one witnessing what He showed me,
His beloved child.
This photo reminds me of that Friday evening,
20~ years ago.

Have a good weekend everyone~!!


Spitfire said...

Wonderful post LC! I love that picture....we see that fairly regularly downtown...several hundred birds all in the trees. While it bothers the city fathers (because of the mess.)I can't help but remember the Torah verse that states "aren't sparrows sold for next to nothing two for an assarion? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground without your Father's consent." So nice to know I'm more important to Papa than the birds. Shabbat Shalom, Spitfire

Jungle Mom said...

Nature so often shows us the truth of our Creator!

Christopher Willis said...

Thanks for sharing the memory with us. A special moment from the Lord is something to be cherished for a lifetime. C-)

Most Rev. Gregori said...

I don't know how anyone can witness a beautiful sunset or sunrise, listen to the sounds of birds sing off in the distance, watch children at play or behold a new born baby, and still doubt that there is a God.

LSP said...

I was moved by that. Thanks and God bless.