Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Very Definition of "Epigrammatic"

Unique, and certainly bizarre; Terse and ingenious in expression.

Tagged for an initial offering of a meme by my-genious, -?sane?-
yet-still-friend Hatless in Hattiesburg,
Here's my "HIgh" Five friends, all who share the same first name, listed in no particular order here: People whom you readers will never ever, EVER know, and an epigrammatic, five-word description of each of them, as per these rules:

  • Think of five people who have the same first name who you have known personally in your lifetime. (bonus points for more obscure names.)
  • Type their shared first name five times into a list.
  • Write a five-word description of each person after each name. Make it epigrammatic, but not obvious enough to only be one person. Ex: no "wonderful love of my life" for a spouse or "answers the phone at work" for a receptionist.
  • Arrange the list in either (your choice, but say which) chronological or non-chronological order, and number each name accordingly.

Colt1: Muscled up, illiterate, unemployed roughneck
Colt2: Four year old Choctaw wanderer.
Colt3: Lies about joining the Army.
Colt4: Didn't get his Christmas wishes.
Colt5: Missing the other forty somewhere.
(Bonus points, please.)

Part of the rules include tagging five others with this same meme.

I choose OneSouthernBelle, Red S. Tater, The Top of Texas Gazette, Granny and Kamangir, people whom I know don't read this bloggie anymore.

sorry, but i just don't see the point of this meme. at all.

get some rest, hatless.

i mean that, as your friend.


Anonymous said...

Wait. Memes are supposed to have a point?

Christopher Willis said...

I must ponder this.

Mike said...

I have a Google alert when my blog is mentioned and was surprised to see it here.

I'd like to know one thing: Which one of those five descriptions is supposed to be me?

The Local Malcontent said...

Memes were intended to give a little glimpse of the blogger, I thought-
I had to think of some name (these are real people) unlike 'Kevin', 'Mike', or 'Ron', in order to comply with the epigrammatical requirement.

Heyyah, Mike- nice to see you again. How's things in Pampa?
I don't think that any of these are you; that wasn't the point of the meme, either.
I tagged you, among others, who would not prolong this.
IMHO, it needs a quick demise.

Hatless in Hattiesburg said...

i hadn't heard that memes needed a point either. but if that is a requirement, i can think of (in retrospect, admittedly) a sort-of one. it can show who you've come in contact with, be they friend, enemy, or neutral. sort of a minimalist "where i've been" or "thing's i've seen".

for instance, my list has (with overlap) musicians, artists, nice guys, liars, and a drug addict. your list includes strong guys and kids, with other various traits. even the name someone chooses could imply a demographic of association - think what is implied if someone knew five "greta"s, "jermaine"s, "liam"s, "siobhan"s, or in my case "tim"s and your case, "colt"s.

...and if nothing else, it beats a lot of those "which (subclass of pop culture) star are you?" online quizzes. ;)

p.s. re -?sane?- : you should have heard me when i *wasn't* getting enough sleep 8^O

The Local Malcontent said...

well then, please accept my apology for sounding terse, hatless-
you ought to know that i do it out of concern for you-
also, a couple of your recent posts suggested to me some kind of upheaval in your life....

Anonymous said...

Given a purpose like the one Hatless offers, I might be able to put together a list if they didn't all have to have the same name.

Then again, I could very easily populate a list of five from my blogroll, all named Kevin. I once opined that something like 82% of all bloggers are either named Kevin or wished they were.

David, Mike and Jeff, I think, are next in popularity.

Hatless in Hattiesburg said...

no problem - terse is cool :)

and the only up-heaval i've had recently is the heaval i feel when hearing about the antics of the madmen in dc...

Kini said...

George seems to the comment element.

I idolized Harrison and learned all the songs from All Things Must Pass and Concert for Bangladesh.