Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Blue Dog Democratic Victory OVER Obama/Kennedy HealthCare ?

Today, word comes via Mike Allen, at Politico.com, "Under Fire, Obama shifts strategy", that Controversial Leader BarryHuss Obama has once again changed his mind, delaying at least, the public option of his awful healthcare bill. .... until 2013.

"On health care, Obama’s willingness to forgo the public option is sure to anger his party’s liberal base. But some administration officials welcome a showdown with liberal lawmakers if they argue they would rather have no health care law than an incremental one. The confrontation would allow Obama to show he is willing to stare down his own party to get things done."

This IS NOT good news. More on this aspect in a moment...

With the nearby build-up of the upcoming Choctaw Festival at Tuskahoma,
I've had the priviledge of speaking with Choctaw Tribal leadership this week, and been told confidentially that the tribe has been in touch with all, the Obama administration, Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn and Congressman Dan Boren directly, expressing the tribe's official "distaste" of the present healthcare bill in Congress.

What I've heard most often is the question, "If America insures the health needs of another (!) 10 to 20 million people, how can the administration claim that their bill will save any money, or claim to cut the deficit, over 10 years and more?"
It simply makes no sense; it must be, it is a lie.
It can only make sense to an idiot.

I, Ron, your Local Malcontent did attend the Muskogee Townhall meeting by Dan Boren, Tuesday a week ago, but kept silent there. I became convinced by Boren's words, his statements and replies to questions posed, that in no uncertain terms our Congressman will vote against any nationalized Healthcare bill.
Mostly, I felt that Mr. Boren was doing damage control then; that he was embarrassed mostly by the leadership of the Democrat House and Senate.
Boren knows who butters his bread.... At least he did last Tuesday.

By all indications, nationalized/socialized Healthcare is dead this year.

This is a success for all America, when true-blue-blooded, Conservative Americans rise up and make their desires, their demands known.
our voices heard~!

We cannot be satisfied with only this one, possible victory.
The fight has only just justly begun.

Controversial leader BarryHuss Obama is stinging, and is shocked right now.
And like any wounded animal, now he is even more dangerous.
Likewise, now he is even more dangerous since we've insulted his great intellect and his superior mind, never before challenged.

We Americans must beware of any retaliationary response from him,
further abuse of our rights, contrary to our Constitution.

For It Will Happen.
Because his ego's been insulted, it's been rebuffed.
We Americans must stand solidly, shoulder to shoulder, to show Obama that he could be the most humiliated and hated American leader in history, if he continues to adhere to his failed, socialistic beliefs. Obama's underlying dread of rejection, of further damage to his fragile ego since from his abandonment/upbringing, could be enough to finally defeat this simpleton.

This is my honest Indian, objective evaluation of my enemy.

Talk about this, about his disasterous plans for us, with your friends. your co-workers,
and warn them.
Convince them.


Kini said...

Beware of democrats giving up on this.

It always comes back like those Halloween Jason movies, but renamed as something else and equally as hungry for tax payer money.

Kini said...

Beware of democrats giving up on anything.

This will be repackaged just like a Halloween Jason movies are, but with a new name for the villain with the same hunger for tax payer monies.

Just like the Fairness Doctrine is now called Localism.

Spitfire said...

I pray you are correct about the end of Obamacare/national healthcare in it's present form. We need to work on fixing problems in the system, but not EVEN with this idiocy.

As for Obama coming back in retaliation....well, he needs to think twice about that. He needs to remember he's there because the people voted him in.....we can vote him out. In fact we can demand he leave if he doesn't start paying attention!!!!

Great Post LM. Shalom, Spitfire
PS Check out the pic on my new post...I think you'll love it!

McGehee said...

This tactical victory only makes it more imperative that we win the larger victories in 2010 and 2012, first eliminating the Democrats' congressional majorities, and then turning Obama out of office altogether.

Anything less will only embolden the Obamacrats.

The Local Malcontent said...

Absolutely right, Kevin-
We must take his party's majority away, teaching every pol. in the process that America will not stand for any more loss of our Liberty at the hands of the Statists.

Cap him in 2010, then
Trade him in 2012.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

I have heard a couple of times on Fox, that the Dems are willing to take the "the public Option" off the table, with a couple of other things to get some Republicans to vote for the bill, but then after the bill is passed they will then get the rest of the stuff piece-meal. So we cannot afford to let our guard down.