Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Paint By Numbers, Jimbo, As You're Told ~!

Can't This Guy even Count?

Should Oklahomans Allow Him to Try Counting??
lovingly lifted from the Tulsa World the newspaper of Choice:
State likely to get less from lottery

OKLAHOMA CITY — The Oklahoma Lottery is expected to generate less money for education in fiscal year 2011, its governing board was told Tuesday. The state's lottery will provide an estimated $64.8 million to education in 2011, down from an estimated $66.7 million in 2010. It provided slightly more than $69 million in 2009.

(a difference of an estimated $1.9 million dollars/2010-11. PALTRY)

MEANWHILE, Oklahoma's Indian Gaming Casinos provided the state with a 30% increase this past year alone, translating to 105.6 million dollars next year.

Executive Director James "jimbo" Scroggins said the reduction is due to a downturn in the economy and competition from the Arkansas Lottery, which begins Monday. Scroggins said the Oklahoma Lottery will lose between $10 million and $12 million in sales in the first year Arkansas' lottery is operating. However, that figure could grow, he said. Scroggins said he doesn't know if Arkansas prizes will be larger than Oklahoma's.

LOL. Both your quoted figures, sales and state revenue (losses) are over-stated wildly.
I know intimately, that information already, sir, if you'd like to call me; or the Oklahoma Tax Commission/ Indian Gaming/ ....
Not Crimsonny likely, considering the numbers and the geographics, Mr. Scroggins. Who the heck provides your research? Homer Simpson? Barack Obama? Nancy Pelosi? Thin Aire?
How did you get your job, sir?

Just the Lottery facts, Ma'am:

Arkansas is a much poorer state than ours, both by per capita income and by taxation; Arkansas is a state which, just like Oklahoma, is surrounded by other states which also offer Lottery gaming. --

Kansas Lottery did not suffer by Oklahoma's entrance into lottery gaming; Texas Lottery did not suffer one whit by Oklahoma's entrance into lottery gaming; New Mexico's Lottery has not suffered by Oklahoma's entrance into lottery gaming. Missouri's Lottery has not ......

you get the idea.

Arkansas is the smallest state West of the Mississippi. The drop-off of Oklahoma lottery of which you speak so fearfully, sir, reflects estimated Arkansans' purchases of Oklahoma lottery scratch off tickets, Powerball and the Sizzler Lotteries, Pick-3 and 5s, offered within our boundaries.

All. are. materially. irrelevant. sales.

I've done the research, sir: I've done the footwork for Oklahoma's Indian gaming, already. You are a scare monger, Mr. Scroggins, and one who should not be listened to, or relied upon, or employed by the state of Oklahoma, at all. In My Honest Opinion.

INSTEAD, THIS IS YET ANOTHER flailing, flaccid attempt to scare gamers, gamblers and parents of schoolchildren by a desperate, bedwetting, Democratic party fear-monger, who could not work part time, at a convenience store if it were not for his connections and family money.


Anonymous said...

Angry much? Considering that one of the most populous parts of Arkansas is scant miles from the OK border, I'm willing to believe the projected loss is fairly close...

Most Rev. Gregori said...

We have the New York State Lottery and Off Track Betting (OTB) here in New York. To get the citizens to vote for it, the State promised that the proceeds would go to education. That was back in the late 60's early 70's.

Yet, with all of the money that the Lottery and OTB have taken in, every year our schools are having to make drastic cuts and our colleges and universities have to keep raising tuition rates. So what gives with that?

Also, whenever the amount of the prize money in the lottery reaches $20 or more million dollars, the winners are always from down state (New York City). They tell us that is because there are more people living in New York City then in the rest of the state (sounds like B.S. to me). One year when a Republican was running for Governor, the majority of New York State voted for the Republican, but the Democrat was declared the winner because the majority of New York City residents voted for the Democrat and once again because they claim that the population of New York City is more then the rest of the State combined. Hmmmmm

The Local Malcontent said...

Anonymous- Umm, no, not angry- I'm confident in that which I know.
Regarding the western Arkansas cities of Fayetteville and Ft. Smith, I audit those border Indian casinos. Every two weeks. Each.
You might be aware of the proximity of the Dallas metroplex, only 50 miles from our Durant casino/resort.
Now, we're talking real dollars.

So much so, that my own Choctaw tribe is planning two new, larger casinos-- one in Pocola, "scant miles from the OK/AR border".

Abouna, I believe ya. While I'm unfamiliar with your state lottery, except for calling them up one morning, I'm leaning toward that claim being correct.
Here's an example:

Say the N.Y lottery drew their numbers twice a week, Wednesday and Saturday, but on Wednesday, only people from outside NYC could participate. Then on Saturdays, only people living within NYC could play. Same lottery, but very likely, the lottery would be won on Saturdays mainly, because of the larger pool of possible combinations bought.

Come to think of it, the above example works for 'Anonymous' too.
(thank goodness for the Casino Queen riverboat on the Mississippi, ehh Jefferson City?)

Anonymous said...

What I don't get is, what does Scroggins expect Oklahoma to do about it? Talk about pointless.