Monday, September 21, 2009

A 'Dear John' Letter-
Return To Sender!

Dear Governor Paterson, Mr. Obama,

It is with a very deep respect for your achievement that we write this letter to you. As the very first Black Governor Leader of the great, Democratic stronghold state, New York The Federal Union, it is important, no vital-- that you hear our words now.

You see, the entire country is in deep trouble. Citizens everywhere, from New England to the great Southwest are beginning to see through the veil of lies and empty promises which every Democratic candidate has used to gain high office.

Frankly, Mr. Paterson Obama, our party of divisiveness and exclusion and taxes is also in position to lose many, many seats in the State Assembly Congress, unless we do something bold soon. We have no ideas whatsoever, on how to properly manage a state nation, other than follow that antique Constitution thingie, and you know we cannot do that~!
Therefore, it is with the deepest respect for you, and the concern for our party that we now ask you to step aside from your next election cycle.

That move would be seen a noble one on your part, and the best for the our 'Empire State'. Heavyweight, Republican challengers to your office see you as vulnerable, and are itching to topple you.
Rudy Guiliani, is the front runner as you know.

And remember how effective he was as mayor of NYC?
Nor do we believe that you could survive a Democratic primary with a better candidate of our choice, like Andrew Cuomo Hillary: That would only needlessly deplete his election funds in a primary battle against you, when that money could be better used later on, buying votes and paying bribes to union leaders.
And let's face it: Albany Washington is in shambles.

Under your governance, less than nothing is being accomplished.
The people as a whole, are beginning to grumble, and we, the party as a whole, need for the people to go back to sleep, and not notice that we, the party as a whole, are taking them all on a fast ride to tyranny.

It is not a matter of your race, Mr. Paterson Obama; believe us, friend, we love you.
But we need a dynamic white person to bring back our constituancy into line behind us. We tried it your way, but we need desperately to go back to the kind of politics which we know works. For us.
So please shut up, and issue a press statement very soon stating you will not be running for election, "due to family concerns".... That always works, evoking a sympathic feeling among voters. And allow a more qualified man woman to assume your job.

Your very good friend, & "brother",
Barry Huss Obama
Bill Clinton



ABNPOPPA said...

You are so bad. I couldn't get through it without laughing so hard I had to start a second time.

Oh by the way, have you seen any of those black ops choppers circling your home. Keep that up and you will!


Most Rev. Gregori said...

When Mr. Obummer came to upstate New York today, and told Patterson not to run for governor because he didn't want to take a chance of having a Republican win, I thought that was a lot of gall. What business does Obummer have coming to my State and demanding who should or should not run for what ever office?

He should go back to Chicago and mind his own damn business.