Saturday, September 12, 2009

"Dillon & Ron BFF"

The only possible way that I could follow a post about an American hero like Michael A. Tanner, is with a post about a beloved one of the next generation, whom I also admire alot.
There won't however, be any mention of the nickname/word 'Tiny' in this post....

13-year-old Dillon, "Spot", came over yesterday afternoon unexpectedly,
of course and naturally, to spend the weekend with us.
I can't tell you in words, how this boy has invaded/taken over my heart so.

Those words simply do not exist, without all these involuntary tears of joy.

Ostensibly, he wanted to borrow my lawnmower to use at his new residence in Talihina. I said "sure thing."
Then he wanted to take the weed-eater too, and a post hole digger...~!
"I can use this to build a fence around the house for my momma," he told me.
But mostly he came over wanting to play.

So we played.
We sawed off some low limbs on trees together.

We killed, most hideously, some fire ants with hairspray and a fire extinguisher, and baby powder and Pine-Sol. And a cigarette lighter.
Orange-blue "snow", with glued-together, writhing antballs, growing with each next ant to come into sticky contact with it.
Joyfully, we committed wholesale death to those fire ants...

"Would you buy me a wrist watch?" he asked.
"Why, can you tell time?", I teased.
"I could if you bought me a watch."
Dang. He got me there. Another lost argument.........

I had planned to change my truck's oil and air filters already yesterday, and
guess who was eager to help?
I brought out my toolbox to the driveway.

"What's this thing?"
"That's a chisle, Dillon. You use it to cut grooves into cement or into wood.

With a hammer, like this." And I showed him a tapping motion with the claw hammer from the toolbox, onto the handle of the chisle.
"Into cement!? Can I have this one? Can I use your hammer?" His eyes grew wide.
"Yeah, and into rock, too." I replied, and then we went over and I showed him my dog Amos' carved gravestone.
"What does 'MMVIII' mean?"
"That means '2008'. Amos died last year."
"How does that --"
"--It's Roman numerals, Dillon," as I then explained every Roman numeral from I through M to him.
"So, can I have this one?"
"Yes, you can have it."
"Can I use your hammer?"

So, I get around and drain and change my oil and air filters, and clean off my truck battery's cables.
Dillon's off somewhere nearby. Until he comes back and OH! So proudly exclaims, "I've chisled something. In concrete. Come see it."

I have explored all these mountains around here, and I've seen alot of names and other things/symbols carved into trees and into rocks, into park benches and picnic tables, at State parks, out in the open, or done secretly;~
On top of Cavanal Hill in Poteau, I discovered my 22-year-old, great grandfather's name, neatly, deeply carved forever in a jutting cliffside rock, from 1925.~

Yesterday, Dillon quite skillfully carved in the cement walkway to my workshop,
"Dillon and Ron BFF"

Yes, Indeedee we are, Son.


Spitfire said...

What a great follow up to yesterday's post...And how lucky you both are to have each other. Our youth and kids all need as many mentors/exhorters of good repute that they can get! Keep up the great work Sweetie. The difference you can make in this child's life is tremendous. Wishing more believers in Yeshua would do likewise... if we did, we could truly change the world. One heart at a time! Shalom, Spitfire

Jungle Mom said...

That was such a wonderful read. thank you for sharing it with us. Hug Dillon for me!

Most Rev. Gregori said...

That Boy sounds like4 a real gem, sounds like you both were blessed to meet each other.

Tell Dillon to look in the mirror and put his right arm on his left shoulder, and his left arm on his right shoulder and squeeze. and that is a big hug from "Abouna" & Munchkin.

The Local Malcontent said...

Blessed. I am.

Dillon really does give the best hugs, they are like death hugs as I lift him up to my height, straight up~!

I will give him hugs from each of you, Abouna, JMom, Spitfire, Munchkin.
(and thanks)

Jungle Mom said...

My favorite is How Great Thou Art. I did a post with the words but do not have a link to the music.