Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Guess This Makes Me A Marxist

The best kind of Marxist~!
Don't worry, we are a dyed-in-the-wool,
red-blooded, American, capitalist couple.

Thanks to my Leticia,
I've discovered the funny, funny world of the Marx Brothers.

One of the many gifts she's given to me, to us both really,
is a complete volume of restored Marx Brothers movies on DVD.
She and her family enjoyed these wild and crazy brothers for all her life;
and now I'm hooked too.
I Love "Duck Soup" more than I can express, since it has newly discovered actress Lucille Ball in it.
and I Am so, 'Captain Spaulding' at heart. heh heh heh

I'd heard/known about Groucho for awhile, & also that omnipresent episode of "I Love Lucy", wherein guest star, brother Harpo Marx plays "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" so intimately, so passionatly on his harp,
That became a favorite of mine because of the song, from age 12, at least.
(it still reminds me what Heaven must be like~!).

Sigh... as nearby Ethel Mertz excaims afterward, "Ohhh, Harpo, ohh my~!!"

I have referenced one or another Marx brothers here at the LMC at least three times during it's existence, most recently the post just below, just before this, where Groucho, Harpo and Zeppo sing and play "Lydia, the Tattooed Lady" in my "Tattoo Who?" post.

The next most important Mark on my (-sist) list is:
Mark Levin. This man is such a robust and true American.
Had he lived 200+ years ago, Mr. Levin would have been one of the Founding Fathers in Philadelphia,
and surely a signator of the United States' Constitution,
if not its' author.

We own and have read his two books, "Men In Black", and "Liberty and Tyranny". I gave a copy of the latter to my boss this summer. I would love to give a signed copy to my Blue dog Democratic congressman, Dan Boren someday soon as well.
I love this guy, and I listen to his radio show every day, more than I do Limbaugh's or anyone else's.

Early on, Mark Levin called the many whining, bedwetting Liberals in government, "malcontents".
Frequently, he would use that name, while referring to them. And that bothered me.

I emailed Mr. Levin, and introduced myself as "the Local Malcontent", and explained why I call myself that, with pride. I asked Mr. Levin to visit this tiny bloggie, to make sure of my rooted, conservative "malcontention",
and assure him that I was for real. And in his corner as a Reagan baby.

He visited this blog, reading some posts and my profile.
I have his Sitemeter - recorded visits saved.
Then Mr. Levin kindly emailed me back. While private in total, he told me
that he would try and refrain from overusing the 'malcontent' label on his show.

That is also how I received the two autographed copies of
"Liberty and Tyranny" that he gave to us.
What a considerate, generous, genuine American Mr. Levin IS.

Yes, heyyah, I'm a proud Marxist Malcontent,
to the leadership of all these spendid, fine, Jewish men.
Groucho, Zeppo, Gummo, Harpo, and LevinO.

(I know, I know. I am an old soul. Born years too late)


Christopher Willis said...

Yesterday I was researching the Marx brothers lives and careers and lo and behold you do a post on them.

I have never heard of Mark Levin or his radio program. Please forgive me this oversight on my part. I will correct my ignorance forthwith.

The Local Malcontent said...

His radio show airs from 5 to 8 our time, CDT. I listen to WBAP, Dallas, or if we need, go to his website,
MarkLevinShow(dot)Com and listen to his FREE streaming shows from the past three months.


Spitfire said...

Just another reason we like each other....I LOVE the Marx brothers. Harpo is my favorite....he's also mute! LOL!

And I listen to Mark Levin every chance I get! I have to watch out because his language sometimes gets rough, so Little Critter can't listen to it...but I love to listen to him. I like that while he may rant and rave, he also gives suggestions on how to correct whatever it is that has him so riled up.

great post that brought a smile to my face today! Thanks for sharing! Shalom, Spitfire