Wednesday, September 16, 2009

If This Keeps Up...

... then I'm going to form the "Get Outta My Swamp Party".
heh, and we live on a hillside~.

Sardis Lake, which normally is around 125 yards away from the house, is now encrouching on 100 yards away.
Think snakes....

Seven. Straight. Days. of rain.
Not random, short, daily showers or storms;
all day and all night rains.
Constant. Inch-and-more-per-day rains, over the area. Unrelenting.

The current, big joke around here is to say, "I think it might rain later," to much sardonic laughter.

Two years ago, I marvelled at 28 straight days of rain from mid May through mid June. However, those were only daily, intermittent showers.


Spitfire said...

You're welcome to send some of that down here.....we're still 24 inches behind for the year......

We got some of that last week, it made a mess of our schedule for washing (no dryer....clothes line outside...oops!)but we were SO grateful to see rain 3 days in a row we didn't know how to act!

Now, we're back to dry....but at least it's not horrible hot again! See there's always a silver lining!! Shalom, Spitfire (who's not allowed to spit right now due to the burn bans....LOL!)

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Do you have enough wood around to build an ark?

Now that Dillon knows about tools, he can give you a hand.

This has been such a lousy summer and here we are in the second week of September and already the temps at night are getting down to the very low 50's. I hate to see what the winter will bring.

Anonymous said...

Seven days down, only 33 more to go.

Christopher Willis said...

It is getting so wet here that I have to walk to work both ways uphill in the rain. That way and the Otter way.

Regardless of the weather, business is booming. *777*