Thursday, September 24, 2009

YOU Ask The Question, I Answer

Inspired by our Jungle Mom,
I am going to try this, too.

Ask me any question in the comments, remembering to keep it clean, and I will answer them all Sunday afternoon.
~all two of them....
( I don't have near the following which sweet Jungle Mom has. )

Let me have it~!
)) 36 hours later, was THIS EVer a disaster post~!!((
Thanks SOOO very much for your support~!


Hatless in Hattiesburg said...

How many US states have you visited, and are there any places (foreign or domestic) you want to visit but haven't?

Spitfire said...

I'm sorry you've had so few responses.Does that mean I can ask more than one question? I've not been able to check out all my friends the last couple of days,so can I ask more than one?

1. If you could have anything in the world what would you want?

2. Who would you share your wonderful thing with?

3. If you could change one thing in your life, what would you change?

OK, now I'll stop before I aggravate you. Thanks for letting me ask extra questions. Have a great weekend. Shalom.

The Local Malcontent said...

Dear Spitfire, that means that you may ask an infinite number of questions of me, dear friend~!

Christopher Willis said...

Would you please post pictures of the view from your front porch?

Would you eat green eggs and ham?

What do you think the millennial reign of Christ will be like?

Jungle Mom said...

I came by earlier but wanted to think about what to ask. Now, If I can ask more than one question, it will be easier!

1) Did you ever visit Venezuela? If so what cities? I seem to recall a Venezuelan friend but can not remember if you ever went to the country.

2)If you could live in any time in the past, when would it be and why?

3)Do you feel that there is still active racism against the indian in our country today? (If that is not too personal)

4) When and why did you start blogging?

ok, I'll stop now!!!!

Jungle Mom said...

Did my questions not post?

The Local Malcontent said...

hatless, friend:
I have visited 35 states, including Alaska. I would like to visit Rome and Athens someday. Leticia wants to visit Hawai'i and so do I.

Spitfire, Shalom~!:
1) I already have everything I want. No, wait: Children.
2) Leticia Marie Malcontent.
3) Our bedroom bathroom door. It opens the wrong way.

Mr. Willis, friend:
1) I could, if I had a blog... and a camera; we don't own a camera, and I no longer have a blog.
2) Is this an invitation to lunch??
Then yes, I would. Otherwise, the answer is 'probably'.
3) Beyond desciption, glorious~!
Thanks, Christopher!

Jungle Mom, friend for life:
1) Yes, for two weeks in 1992.
Maricaibo, Caracas, and dipped my toes into the Amazon River.
2) I was born 90 to 100 years TOO LATE, in my opinion.
Easily answered, during the turn of the past century. I love everything happening in 1909, one hundred years ago~!
3) Oh, yes!! I know that it showed in some of my posts here, too.
4) I began a badly named blog, in 2006; lots of visitors thought it was a sex blog...
'The Local Malcontent' was started in January, 2007.
5?*) Uh, they did, once Leticia and I came home from the weekend...