Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tempis not Fugitting

So, first day back at work since last Wednesday, and I'm driving North to my first casino visit of the week.

I'm remembering last weekend's Choctaw Festival, remembering how nice some sleep would surely be, remembering I need to throw up something on the LMC here. (b-b-bleeechh)

It's another beautiful Oklahoma morning; over there's a spendid horse eating breakfast; over there's a healthy herd of Herefords; and over the hill, there's a wonderful vista ahead to gaze upon, like no other;
around the next curve in the road, in front of me, there's a farmer in his truck, driving 40 miles per hour, tops.

Now I'm going no where slowly, there's a turtle creeping faster past my truck, behind this guy. I named him 'Mucilax'. He had nice yellow eyes....

I look at my watch, realizing I have maybe 20 minutes leeway within my schedule.
I pass a school in Warner, Ok, where the highschool band is practicing their halftime show; it looked pretty good, and I enjoyed their playing of "The Horse" by Chicago.

The whole song....

I watched a cement mix truck being entirely filled, as we, the growing line of traffic behind farmer Pokealong passed.
Over yonder, there's a cloud that looks like an anchovy being swallowed by a squid.
I look at my watch again: Now 6 minutes late to my first appointment, another 30 miles hence.
I figured that I had the time to read our mail as we crept along, so I did.
OhBoy, ALCO is having a sale on motor oil this week. On selected camping supplies too, their flyer exclaims.

Later, I casually look up from reading the Bishinik newspaper, to notice that the anaconda line of traffic all has brake lights aglow-
it is slowing even more.

At a railroad crossing.
I caught up on my lost sleep, then.

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Spitfire said...

Don't cha just love back roads with slow drivers.....NOT! I don't drive over the speed limit (usually) but I'd really like to drive something CLOSE to the speed limit. I have to fight my red hair when I'm behind a slow poke....bless their pointed little heads. They never seem to notice the long line behind them.

Well, at least you had beautiful scenery to look at on your way. There's always a silver lining tot the clouds that surround us. I'm hoping the silver lining to those clouds out there threatening my drying rugs is actually rain!!!! LOL!. Hope your first day back at work was as pleasant as the scenery. Shalom,Spitfire