Monday, September 7, 2009

To Tattoo Who?

I've been given permission to get a tattoo from my lovely bride
(after she saw one she went crazy for at the Festival this weekend),
from Iron Road Tattoo parlor in Talihina.
I've always wanted a Daffy Duck like this on my arm:
Daffy raising a salute, of sorts.

Leticia prefers something tribal with feathers like this on me:
  And I admit, this type inspires me too, despite it's being so typical.

I do have two arms though....
and like "Lydia", room enough across my chest for 'Washington crossing the Deleware'; or, room for a great big red heart with "Leticia" there.

Any Of You Have any Tattoos? Details, Please!


Jeffro said...

Just don't get a tramp stamp!

The Local Malcontent said...

promise you that....
Got a tattoo, Jeffro?

Most Rev. Gregori said...

No tattoos here, didn't have one when God sent me here, and I rather think He would like me back the same way.

Spitfire said...

The closest I have to a tattoo is the spots left when I had some skin cancer removed when a teenager....and the scar from my other cancer surgeries.

As near as I can tell tattoo's require the use of needles and I'm allergic to them...LOL!.

But if you feel you have to have one, just make sure it's not something you could regret later in life....

Shalom, Spitfire

The Local Malcontent said...

Abouna, God sent you here with no teeth also, LOL
but I 'get your drift'.
Thanks, dear friend.
Let's not even begin to talk about Genesis 17.... OoK?

Which, in a weird way, brings me to Spirfire.

Shalom, Spitfire! Good advice, and thank you too.
As for Daffy Duck, I AM the little black Duck. A tattoo of Daffy would never become something I'd tire of.
I might gaze at him in a mirror, for hours on end, in fact!

Suffern' succhatash~!

Jeffro said...

Never got one - partly because I couldn't make up my mind what I might want that would be still be significant later in life. It would have probably been good ol' Bugs Bunny, if anything at all.

Christopher Willis said...

None for me. I had thought about getting one on my chest of a heart the reads 'DNR'. 'Do Not Resuscitate'

Subvet said...

One on my lower right arm (why hide it if you're so proud of getting one was my thought at the time). It's of the Submarine Service insignia, the conning tower of a diesel powered sub between two dolphins facing one another with the words, "Silent Service" underneath.

Got it back in 1980 after debating with myself for almost ten years about getting one. It took that long because I figured it would be permanent so there'd better be no regrets about it.

Almost thirty years later, no regrets yet!

John said...

I'm also getting a Daffy Duck tattoo. I've thought about it for years and decided today to get it done - so I'm booked in tomorrow pm. Apparently my local tattoo shop hasn't had anyone ask for Daffy for several years. Shame.

The Local Malcontent said...

~Way to go, John!!

I'd love to see it someday, and please feel free to visit this bloggie again, as you like~!